US based talented Wordpress/Shopify developer and PHP programmer.

Customer reviews

Jay Tillery 2017-09-19T23:34:59Z 5
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Stephan Reichenberger
Jay Tillery 2017-09-18T17:19:55Z 5
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OUTSTANDING, great communication and did a great job. thank you!

Robert Salay
Jay Tillery 2017-09-12T14:36:58Z 5
Project rating:

Jay is a real pro. Helpful with advice and direction. And a great communicator who explains things so a non-techie like myself understands! Very pleased and look forward to working with Jay more in the future.

Bill Hornung
Jay Tillery 2017-08-21T14:45:37Z 5
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Kitty Florido
Jay Tillery 2017-08-14T13:46:22Z 5
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Jay did a fabulous job completing our job! Definitely recommend!

Christi Yarema
Jay Tillery 2017-08-11T13:52:38Z 5
Project rating:

Jay was so very helpful. He graciously took the time to explain the "why" and was exceedingly patient with my novice questions! I would work with him again any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

Elise Webber
Jay Tillery 2017-08-07T17:05:11Z 5
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Sean Morrison
Jay Tillery 2017-08-04T19:49:54Z 5
Project rating:

Professional & Friendly.. keep it up Jay!

Double Prince
Jay Tillery 2017-08-03T16:24:09Z 5
Project rating:

Always a pleasure to work with Jay!

Rhonda Greene
Jay Tillery 2017-08-02T16:16:50Z 5
Project rating:

Prompt and great work by Jay. Thanks.

Maria Robertson
Jay Tillery 2017-08-01T06:41:58Z 5
Project rating:

Did a great up job -- understood the problem, straightforward solutions, prompt.

Menachem Kaiser
Jay Tillery 2017-07-28T14:00:17Z 5
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charles walton
Jay Tillery 2017-07-27T22:55:09Z 5
Project rating:

Jay is efficient, quick and goes beyond to fix your troubles. He was able to work the database, check the site's contents and work around the functions file and had the issue solved fast. I recommend him 100%!

Kitty Florido
Jay Tillery 2017-07-18T21:49:05Z 5
Project rating:

Thanks Jay. Everything was completed exactly to my specifications. Jay was super fast and efficient, completing the task in less than an hour.

Joseph Cosgrave
Jay Tillery 2017-07-13T12:43:57Z 5
Project rating:

Despite the misunderstanding, but Jay had done the job perfectly. I will certainly work with him on another project.

Ahmad Taher