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I’m Lefteris Katmadas, a WordPress developer and computer engineer from Athens, Greece. I have 10 years of professional experience in the web industry. I am a Senior WordPress Developer at BEAT and the owner of WebApp Ltd. I specialize in creating pixel-perfect responsive websites from scratch for other businesses, focusing primarily on WordPress theme development….

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20+ years Career in Web Development Membership Migration and Set up Expert Gravity Forms and GravityFlow Expert API and Connectivity Expert Javascript/jQuery Customization Expert Senior Development Architect – Full PHP stack, CodeIgniter, JQuery, Javascript , Backbone JS, App development. Full Design services as well. Previously an Art Director for a North Florida Agency. I am…

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Hi! I am Hiroyuki and I build cool WordPress websites from within the mountains of Japan. I help clients, like you, get your unique design into a custom theme that you will be proud to show off to anyone. Creating a custom theme, in my opinion, the best way to build a website that has…

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Hello there! How would it feel like to have that error fixed? How would it feel like to have that idea turned into a live product? I’m William and I’d love to help you with my coding skills so that you can turn your ideas into actual products. It takes just a few clicks to…

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My name is Stefan and I love developing! I’m a web developer since 2015 and after graduating in Computer Science and Engineering at the Petroleum-Gas University of Ploiesti I continued my career as a WordPress Freelancer. Later on, I’ve started my own web development agency called CodeBaker Web Agency. I called it that way because…

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I am CEO of Artvens Digital Agency, we specializes in web design/development using WordPress stack and and have more than 4 years of experience. During this period we created many(a bit more than 120 :) ) WordPress themes and plugins for our clients. We always deliver projects on time and within expected budget

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About I have been creating websites and web/mobile applications for over 12 years. Over the years, I’ve also been involved in sales, marketing, ops, and business management which gives me a great overview of how businesses run. I am most interested in creating solutions that return the most value to the clients I work for….

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As an avid developer with a wealth of experience in the commercial web development industry, coupled with an extensive programming skill-set, I am well equipped to tackle most WordPress (WP) development tasks. I possess deep knowledge of the WordPress framework. The applications I produce are robust, scalable, secure and always mobile responsive. I’m proficient in…

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Hi! I’m Helder and I’m a Portuguese Full Stack Web Developer / UI & UX Designer who’s passionate about solving problems, and seeing how those solutions influence the world we live in.

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Hello everyone! I would like to solve your tasks in a professional way with a minimum of annoying questions. I know how time is important for you and I will do my best to save it for you and provide the best quality results. I am the lead developer of the WP All Import plugin…