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💪 What I can do for You

I partner with the most forward-thinking companies to build modern, performance optimized WordPress themes using the cutting-edge techniques.

Custom WordPress Themes

I build fast and maintainable WordPress themes with modern day web standards. I use Sage starter theme to create elegant, DRY templates with Blade and separated PHP logic kept in Controllers. My CSS is written using namespaced BEM with ITCSS architecture. All of that makes it a delight to maintain such projects. Plus, my themes come highly optimized with no render blocking resources and lazy-loaded, responsive, optimized images. Google will love you for this and you’ll get excellent scores on PageSpeed Insights.

Refactoring & Maintenance

Upgrade your theme to modern Sage standards or extend its functionality. I can refactor your theme’s codebase to separate logic from the views using MVC architecture. Your templates will be cleaner and more readable using Blade syntax. Utilize modern front-end workflow to optimize assets, enable synchronized browser testing and perform other build tasks with Webpack setup. I could go a step further and refactor your CSS to use BEM and ITCSS architecture.

Hosting & DevOps

Just push to git repository to have your codebase automatically deployed to the appropriate environment. I can set up hosting, continuous integration (CI), database syncing and backups for your websites. For Bedrock based WordPress themes, I use Trellis setup with modern LEMP stack hosted on Digital Ocean.

🎯 Why Me?

Focused & Specialized

I don’t believe in jack of all trades approach. Instead, I seek to specialize in time-tested and in-demand technologies. My focus is on building modern WordPress themes optimized for speed that provide an excellent user experience.

Client Oriented

Before starting any project I aim to understand “why” because I think it’s crucial in order to develop effective solutions.

That’s why for any larger projects I recommend to start it with a consultation. A consultation will help us to define a project scope better so that it’s crystal clear. And that’ll help as both to save time in the future.

At every stage of the project, I always keep my clients in the loop. I provide detailed status updates twice a week. And in addition, I set up a staging environment where you can monitor the progress of work yourself.

Roots Expert

For all of my WordPress projects, I use Roots tools (Sage, Bedrock, Trellis) because it helps me to build modern and fast websites that are easy to maintain.

I’m a contributor to Sage and write technical guides on roots.io. You can count that you’ll work with the expert who knows Roots tools inside and out. Also, I’m a big advocate and supporter of Roots and the community because of how their values align with mine – they’re all about the modern, most efficient web development – so am I.

Work Ethic

I believe that codeable experts can be way more productive compared to open office employees. However, there are certain challenges with working remotely and handling more freedom.

I follow the principle – freedom through discipline.

It’s super important for me to have a strict routine to stay productive. I have my morning routine which gets me awake, alert and ready to take on the day. To keep my focus during the day I work for 50 min periods of high concentration, then taking a 5 min break away from the screen to recharge.

Personal Development

Being a contract developer is so much more than being a good coder. For me, it’s a lifestyle. It’s a lifestyle of continuous learning and being a tiny bit better today than yesterday.

I know that by growing as a person I’ll live a more fulfilling life and it’ll allow me to give more value to my clients as well. That’s why I spend most of my free time listening to audio books, learning and developing skills.

Also, I believe it’s as important to take care of your body as well as your mind. I love a physical challenge and enjoy training in martial arts.

But don’t just take my word for it…

💬 See what my pre-codeable clients say

“Jason is a professional WordPress developer capable of outperforming his projects every time. He comes with suggestions to improve code and speed and delivers on time. We worked with a lot of freelancers and are still surprised by the quality we get back in first and final delivery.”

“Jason is an outstanding developer. He took the time to understand what we really wanted and took ownership of the changes he implemented.”

“I have worked with over 20 different developers and this guy was by far the best I have ever worked with, the BEST.”

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