I am Hiroyuki and I build cool Wordpress websites from within the mountains of Japan.

I help clients, like you, get your unique design into a custom theme that you will be proud to show off with anyone.

Creating a custom theme, in my opinion, the best way to build a website that has a complex and unique design. This will also ensure that everything on the website is tailored exactly to the website, with no extra plugins, or code on your precious website. Of course, like everything in this world, there are cons to this.
Price is higher than buying a theme from somewhere
Will take longer to build than using a pre-made theme

I specialize in building custom themes but that is not all that I can offer. I am also skilled in plugins, debugging and fixing errors in ranging from HTML and CSS to Javascript and others.

Customer reviews

Hiroyuki Aonuma 2020-07-09T14:31:48Z 5
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100% he is great

Recep Aytekin