About me
I started learning to code when i was 8 years old, making simple BASIC programs on my C64. Annoyingly my family didn’t want to head into my bedroom, load up a tape to access a phone book or recipe cards. While finding practical uses for my skills didn’t really come until we finally got the internet in 1998 and turned my hand to simple HTML web sites. Later working for a local charity who made websites for local community groups and training others in HTML and Flash.

In 2005 i started sinking my teeth into php and javascript and founded “Saggy-Pants” a local music community. What started as a website of gig reviews, quickly grew to become a magazine, promoters, running podcasts, print shop and web design group. I ran dozens of websites for local bands, promoters, venues and small indie record labels. A combination of the 2008 crash and with many of my team finding work within the wider music industry, Saggy-Pants did its final encore before packing away for good.

Almost by accident I started working in specialist retail (Pipes & Cigars), helping set up eCommerce stores and running our marketing through clubs, events, blogs, community forums, YouTube and later on Facebook. WordPress became my goto tool for quickly setting up sites and i sank my teeth into modifying themes and creating plugins to push our sites as far as we could.
After setting up my own online retail outfit, I continued to use WordPress to run multiple websites (inc woocommerce stores) to get around restrictions in advertising. Sadly the never ending increasing in regulation saw me step away and sell my business and concentrating on expanding my WordPress development skills. Which brings us onto today and hopefully why you are reading this profile.

Aside from my 15 years experience managing teams comprised of both volunteers and hired staff. I have in depth knowledge on not only setting up eCommerce stores, but 8 years experience running them (from stock procurement, warehouse & staff management and marketing). So if you are looking to open your first online store, migrating (from Shopify, BigCommerce or Magneto), unlocking the power that lies within woocommerce or minor tweaks. I have the added advantage of trying out multiple approaches first hand, what sounds amazing in theory often gives warehouse/office staff more headaches as they try to maintain overly complex systems and at times costs the retailer through lost trade and additional wage bills.
Lots of bells and whistles on your website is great way to help customers find what they are looking for, but if your staff are spending too much time updating multiple areas of the site, they are responding to customers and above all not maintaining your stock control (which costs retailers more than a fancy widget generates). Careful planning and wise plugin choices are key to avoid this. Remember a plugin will often only get you 80% towards your goal, the final 20% requires careful implementation and customisation.

API Intergration
Sometimes we all need our websites to communicate with 3rd parties and everyday new services are being opened upto us. While some of these already come with handy WordPress Plugins, many do not and those that do often offer very little flexibility. I have experience using many common APIs such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, eBay and many many more. No matter what you are looking to do, together we can have your website in sync with almost any service on offer. No matter if you want to work with existing plugins or code from scratch together we can get your website communicating with the world.

Gravity Forms
Gravity Forms is one of the most powerful form suites available for WordPress. Whether are looking to offer a contact form, writing posts from the front end of your site or interacting with 1000s of API’s, Gravity Forms has a hook to help us. Thanks to the extensive selection of hooks and filter, Gravity Forms is able to manipulate data before rendering the form and after submitting. No matter what functionality you are looking for, together we can get Gravity Forms singing from the right hymn sheet.

Custom Plugins
Plugins help give WordPress more functionality, but often we only need to make use a small portion of it functionality and the rest requires trying to bend it to function differently. That is if you can find one in the first place to do the processes you wanted. While some custom code can be placed in your functions.php, a custom plugin not only removes the nightmare scenario of updating your theme but also gives you the ability to turn it off should debugging me required. No matter what functionality you are after, together we can create the perfect plugin to give your site that extra functionality.

Additional Skills
* Theme Modifications
* PDF to WordPress development
* Server Migration

Customer reviews

Glynn Quelch 2019-08-30T20:19:15Z 5
Project rating:

Glynn is very flexible from a meeting time standpoint, he thoroughly explains all details, follows up regularly, and he demonstrates a very solid understanding of my startup's needs! I would definitely recommend him to others!

Nick Balow
Glynn Quelch 2019-08-08T14:47:47Z 5
Project rating:

Worked efficiently with great communications, outputted exactly what was asked for, along with an excellent explanation and code backup to ensure we had access to what we need. Very pleased!

Trevor Alexander
Glynn Quelch 2019-08-05T13:52:52Z 5
Project rating:

Absolutely outstanding! Glynn really knows his stuff. Friendly, professional, very clear communication, and quick turnaround. I can't recommend him highly enough and would definitely work with him again.

Jon Watson
Glynn Quelch 2018-09-18T15:27:17Z 4
Project rating:

I appreciated the effort put together really. But it's hard for both parties when there are surprises and more work is needed to complete it. Anyways I'm happy with the responsiveness and dedication!

Yannick Pian
Glynn Quelch 2018-09-10T15:20:39Z 5
Project rating:

Leon McIntosh
Glynn Quelch 2018-08-16T15:34:12Z 5
Project rating:

Very responsive, quick, and friendly. Excellent work.

Markus K
Glynn Quelch 2018-08-07T14:13:20Z 5
Project rating:

glynn was great!

bob bingenheimer
Glynn Quelch 2018-08-02T10:54:53Z 5
Project rating:

Glynn has been a godsend. He understood exactly what I wanted and got it done really quickly for me. I will definitely be using him again. Really friendly, personable guy and his guidance has been straightforward which is great for a rookie like myself. Can't thank him enough.

Helen Bickerton
Glynn Quelch 2018-07-27T23:12:15Z 5
Project rating:

Glynn was awesome! He took the time to research my problem and really offer a long lasting solution, he even took the time to show me how to write the code and implement it on my site and then he spent time reviewing all of it with me to make sure that I understood it. Great developer, I would highly recomend working with Glynn!

Joey Nizuk
Glynn Quelch 2018-07-25T16:35:08Z 5
Project rating:

Niamh O'Meara Daly
Glynn Quelch 2018-05-19T00:46:53Z 5
Project rating:

Very clear, concise and appropriate guidance and recommendation.

Jason Jennings
Glynn Quelch 2018-05-18T11:43:08Z 5
Project rating:

Glynn rocks!

Peggy Hartman-Shields
Glynn Quelch 2018-05-14T15:28:51Z 5
Project rating:

Glynn is thorough in his work and responsive in his communications. A true professional.

Tactics FC
Glynn Quelch 2018-02-28T16:51:57Z 5
Project rating:

Excellent communication, pragmatic approach to the project, a clear understanding/analysis of the brief and quick updates to requested tweaks. Great all-round.

Tom Myatt
Glynn Quelch 2018-02-22T13:25:04Z 5
Project rating:

Glynn is professional, clear about the issues, timely and easy to work with.

James Moss