Hey there! I run a WordPress Security Agency specializing in Security Trail Auditing and Malware Removal Services.

Even though I’m fairly new @Codeable since I was accepted in January 2020 I’m very experienced in the WordPress Security field.

I’ve been working in the WordPress Security niche for years. I have cleaned thousands of WordPress sites and provided managed WordPress hosting services for numerous of them. I dedicate my attention to my client’s requests and make sure I offer the best service possible.
It usually takes me one day to fully clean a WordPress site while I also audit all plugins and themes used, and update the WordPress installation(core files, plugins and themes) to the latest version available.
Malware cleanup is performed while the site is working. So there is no need to de-activate it or stop using it. During the cleaning process of your site, I make sure I keep you posted about your website’s condition and so you receive updates regularly. I also consult with you in case there is a server security issue present. My main goal is to deliver a clean and working WordPress site in 24 hours or less. The site delivered is updated, and audited so that you can enjoy the smoothest of experiences a WordPress site can provide. Even though I refrain from suggesting using a different hosting provider there are some rare cases where this is inevitable. This is primarily due to poor security policies and measurements from many so-called WordPress Hosting services.

Server administration and malware cleanup are some of the services I also offer since in some cases a hacked WordPress site is caused by a compromised server. I test and audit your hosting server and clean it along with any WordPress sites using it.

I also offer maintenance and support services where I make sure your WordPress site is running smoothly, fully-updated and malware-free. I follow customer-first support where my clients WordPress assets are treated as if they are mine.

Last but not least, I enjoy offering services related to building a scalable managed WordPress hosting environment from the ground up, making sure it’s optimized for speed and security. Then I support and maintain both the server and the WordPress site(s).

Customer reviews

Gerasimos D 2020-01-23T20:04:26Z 5
Project rating:

Gerasimos was very helpful and knowledgeable! This was my first project on Codeable, and I am very pleased with the result! I purchased a $59 1 hour consultation with Gerisimos, and within 10 minutes of our phone conversation, I was convinced he was qualified to help me and could be trusted with access to my server. He got to work immediately and had my sites cleaned of malware and moved to a fresh hosting environment within a few hours. He also generously shared his malware removal and prevention methodology with me, so I knew exactly what to expect and learned how to better prevent attacks in the future.

Craig Rogers
Gerasimos D 2020-01-20T01:33:39Z 5
Project rating:

Gerasimos was very clear in his explanations and made me feel confident to trust he would solve my issues. I would not hesitate to hire him again.

Regina Millis