About Myself

I am a long-time web developer, software developer, and server administrator, specializing in data migration and security. Client satisfaction is my number one priority. Maintaining an open line of communication and ensuring clarity and understanding are the most important aspects of a seamless working relationship.

I’m known for my work with clients who have “out of the ordinary” needs and requirements. It is, in fact, my passion to solve unique project requests that require disparate technologies and protocols – providing answers through technology synergy.

I work in several programing languages including PHP, Javascript, Python and Perl, as well as shell scripting for unix-based systems.

Recent Projects

I’ve recently spent my free time focusing on projects that utilize single board computers. One of my more interesting projects involves implementing video gaming as a learning tool to help children learn about computers and technology.

Customer reviews

Garth Johnson 2017-09-23T17:21:17Z 5
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Adam Small
Garth Johnson 2017-01-20T05:20:07Z 5
Project rating:

Garth did a fantastic job with assessing my site security and putting together a strategic plan for improving it to keep my site and visitor's information safe. Thank you so much - I really appreciate your help!

James Lewis
Garth Johnson 2016-09-08T12:01:23Z 5
Project rating:

Garth was on top of it during the whole process. He was open to feedback and provided feedback when needed. He made sure the project was completed and gave attention to detail.

Chris Faulkner
Garth Johnson 2016-08-29T00:15:13Z 5
Project rating:

Garth helped me after my site was severely hacked. He cleaned up everything and migrated me to a safer server. He's also a very cool guy!

Adam Small
Garth Johnson 2016-08-16T01:47:00Z 5
Project rating:

Covalent Logic
Garth Johnson 2016-04-05T20:38:30Z 5
Project rating:


MB Chamberlin
Garth Johnson 2016-03-20T00:39:03Z 5
Project rating:

amazing and quick!

stephanie morris