Google Certified Mobile Web Specialist & Growth Master

A bit about me

I consider myself a full-stack developer with T-shaped skills. I’ve tried myself in most of the areas of web development from working as a lead software engineer on a million-dollar project, being product owner of a startup, to design and online marketing, but I consider myself strongest in coding. Based on my experience I have a good understanding of how systems are interwoven so I can make the right decisions when developing your website.

When will I be the right choice for you?

I believe that every project is as much about project management as it is about the actual delivery of the specified task. Actually it is as much a book-worthy topic that I’ve written a book about it :)

As an online entrepreneur myself I know exactly about the order of magnitude difference between a bad and a well-performing website which many times is the key driver of business success. I truly want to help my clients to reach their goals as their finances, families and their employees are at stake if they got derailed. With the right planning, specification, delivery, measuring KPIs, and optimizing systems the odds are much more likely to be in your favor and that’s what I can help you with.

My biggest experience is in front-end optimization, and the achievement I am most proud of is becoming the first Google Certified Mobile Web Specialist in my country. The future is mobile, so If you want to have a great mobile-optimized project, you will be in good hands.

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