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I am CEO of Artvens Digital Agency, we specializes in web design/development using WordPress stack and and have more than 4 years of experience. During this period we created many(a bit more than 120 :) ) WordPress themes and plugins for our clients. We always deliver projects on time and within expected budget

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About me I started learning to code when i was 8 years old, making simple BASIC programs on my C64. Annoyingly my family didn’t want to head into my bedroom, load up a tape to access a phone book or recipe cards. While finding practical uses for my skills didn’t really come until we finally…

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I am bringing 10 years of experience in web development (including 6 with WordPress) with me. I can do WordPress migration and version updates, add theme functionality and/or custom plugins. I have worked a lot with WooCommerce and automated imports as well as Multilingual websites. Sometimes both at the same time. I have a deep…

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I am an enthusiastic and professional Web/Software developer that has enjoyed leading and being part of successful productive teams. I would like to define myself as an open source pragmatist and a team player. I can quickly grasp new concepts and ideas and is able to innovate solutions to problems. I work well on my…

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Helping clients get the most out of WordPress since 2009 Certified Search Marketing Specialist I’ve been building websites professionally since 2006, and started working with WordPress in 2009. My ultimate goal with every project is to create a website that works, whatever that means for your business (increasing sales, growing your list, building a community,…

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The name “Restless Web” stems from a long-standing personal tendency to be impatient, “antsy” and excited for action whether in our personal or professional lives. These feelings are applicable to most small businesses and is exactly where Restless Web wants to help. Small companies are fast moving and excited to make a splash in the…

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I am a Front-End Developer, living in the best town in the world (Las Vegas). I have over 8 years of experience, working with startups, medium businesses, all the way to Casinos (currently I’m the Front-end Developer for a Casino in Vegas)

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I am a web designer and developer based in Czech Republic looking forward to help you with challenges you are facing. I love freelance work and I am always working hard to help you achieve the perfect result. I love freedom in life of a freelancer. This job allows me to face new things and…

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I’ve been working with WordPress for around 6 years. I’m experienced with many aspects of development, especially custom plugin and theme development using only best practices. My goal is to make my clients happy by producing great work and making sure your whole budget is being put to good use.

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As a hobby I started making websites in HTML when I was about 15 years old ( yeah I know, it feels like ages ago, too). When I came back from the US for an exchange program I started studying computer science but ended up getting my bachelor in a more creative Multimedia design major….