Certified Expert WordPress Developer since March 2015

Codeable Expert Certified

I’m an expert developer focused on helping business owners and managers.
I like to build full websites and landing pages for my clients.
Currently, I am focused on building sites with Elementor PRO.

Why you should work with me

Before I introduce myself, I believe the best way for you to know me is taking a look at what my clients are saying about working with me.

I am a professional who has been working with Web Design and Programming since 2002, delivering small and big projects for my clients with a high-quality standard.

What I can do to help you

I’m a problem solver.
Web Consultant.
WP Expert.

I would call me a few other names but I prefer to show you examples of where my knowledge is mostly used by my current clients:

  • I can build a theme from scratch for your site
  • I can customize a premium theme, saving you tons of money
  • I can speed up your site to improve the user experience
  • I can do SEO
  • I can fix any template or plugin issues like e-commerce, contact form, and many others
  • I can install and set up any new feature integration on your site
  • I can manage your web servers to free you to grow your business

How it works

It’s a simple process for people who have little time to handle web development issues.

1) Maintenance mode

a) We will discuss a package of tasks to be delivered every month.

b) We will negotiate a monthly fee that will be charged to you monthly.

c) When you think it’s enough, you can cancel your subscription any time

2) Tasks on demand

a) You open a preferred task clicking here to describe your task with what you expect of the deliverable.

b) We will talk in a private room here inside the system to clarify all doubts and avoid misunderstanding in communication

c) I will provide an estimate for your task. After the negotiate, you will deposit the funds

d) I deliver your task where you need and you will release the funds from Codeable to my account.

That’s it, a simple system to help your challenges.

Latest projects

Medbridge Austin Texas
Hospedagem WordPress
Bike Finder
Capital Aberto

Hire me as preferred expert

Customer reviews

Felipe Pavão 2018-06-14T13:44:18Z 5
Project rating:

It was really great working with Felipe! He was very knowledgable, very prompt to reply, and worked until the task was done. The whole experience was great!

Brittany Smith
Felipe Pavão 2018-05-13T01:08:21Z 5
Project rating:

Fast and complete work from what we can determine. Pleasure to deal with Felipe and the whole process proved very smooth thanks!

John Machamer
Felipe Pavão 2018-04-02T18:53:10Z 5
Project rating:

Good communicator, knowledgeable, dependable. Pleasure to work with.

Charles Kliment
Felipe Pavão 2019-03-18T18:06:52Z 3
Project rating:

Work too slow, too many tasks. Price too high for professionalism and speed offered. I expected more.

Daniele D'Addessa
Felipe Pavão 2019-01-23T21:17:12Z 4
Project rating:

Kay V
Felipe Pavão 2019-01-18T19:18:14Z 5
Project rating:

David Dorleans
Felipe Pavão 2019-01-17T16:38:34Z 5
Project rating:

Felipe is clearly an above average professional.

Alex Cohen
Felipe Pavão 2018-12-18T01:52:18Z 5
Project rating:

Great developer. Got things on time. Very responsive. Highly recommend him.

Milena Regos
Felipe Pavão 2018-12-13T02:45:21Z 5
Project rating:

David Dorleans
Felipe Pavão 2018-12-04T13:14:13Z 5
Project rating:

David Dorleans
Felipe Pavão 2018-11-09T17:31:45Z 5
Project rating:

katy kurt
Felipe Pavão 2018-11-09T15:10:56Z 5
Project rating:

Eugen Seidensal
Felipe Pavão 2018-10-08T17:07:09Z 5
Project rating:

Fabienne Jeanneret
Felipe Pavão 2018-10-03T17:37:34Z 5
Project rating:

katy kurt
Felipe Pavão 2018-09-21T20:29:30Z 5
Project rating:

Super responsive and got the job done quickly and correctly.

katy kurt