A little bit about me:


My name is Kate, I’m a web developer with over 10 years of experience working both as a freelancer and with agencies.

Projects I’ve worked on include: websites for USA prime time show series, one of the USA hospitals, and over 130+ small to medium websites where I helped small business owners take their online presence to the next level.

I enjoy working on different types of projects – from small bug fixes to large website builds, and my specialty is delivering beautiful, fully functional, and fast websites.

Working With Me:

I take great care of the quality of work I deliver and provide undivided attention to projects I’m working on.

I’ll be happy to discuss your future website functionality or problems you’re having in detail and suggest high quality and effective solutions based on your budget.

The Process:

  1. I clearly define the scope of the issue or new website functionality
  2. Offer you solutions on how we can go about solving it
  3. Provide you with a timeframe and cost estimate
  4. Gather the required assets needed to complete the work
  5. Keep you updated daily (or even more frequently) on the progress so you see how things are moving forward
  6. QA / Thoroughly test my work on latest versions of all modern browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari on Mac and Windows, Edge and IE 11 on Windows and native browsers on iOS and Android devices)
  7. Provide you with a preview of completed work (either on my server or yours) to make sure it looks and functions according to the agreed-upon scope of work
  8. Deliver the final result by moving the code changes or a complete website over to your server and sending you the source files of the work done.

Recent Client Reviews:

I worked with Kate to develop a new WordPress theme for my website and she was AWESOME.
Choosing a developer can be a tough and stressful process. You want someone with great coding skills, but you also need someone who communicates well. Kate is the absolute best of both worlds.
On the coding and implementation front, my site looks fantastic. The design is great, it functions well, it’s responsive, it’s SEO optimized, and it’s lightning fast. 10/10!
On the communication front, Kate was incredibly responsive and understood exactly what I wanted the first time. No crazy back and forth, it just got done. I’m picky when it comes to the details of my site and how I want things to look, feel, and function. Kate worked with me to make sure everything was perfect.
If you need a developer for your next project, I recommend Kate wholeheartedly!
Austin Belcak

Kate is amazing! With her skills, the entire process from start to finish was seamless. The deadline for development was tight and there were some technical challenges. Kate was willing to tackle the problems head on and take the challenges. Kate not only has the technical knowledge and experience necessary to succeed, but she also was a great communicator. Throughout the development process, she was somebody who produced excellent output coupled with a great communication style. I will come to her for work again in the future! Excellent developer!
Erin Smith

Kate was unbelievable with the service she provided in terms of website development. Her communication, response times and politeness were tremendous and I highly recommend going with Kate for all website needs.
Ben Robison

Very happy with Kate, her responses to all of my questions and suggestions were very prompt, would highly recommend.
Jason Murakami

Kate was very helpful and always took the time to explain everything to me as I was a beginner when it came to website set up. She made an easy to use panel. I would definitely work with her again!
Celia Madigson

I believe that I hit a jackpot having Kate to build our website. It has been great to work with her and Im amazed about her expertise and helpfulness to guide us through the process. At all levels outstanding work. Would highly recommend!
Antti Suokkonen

Kate made this process about as easy as I can imagine it being. She was always very clear in her communication, patient with all my questions and requests and stuck to schedule. I’m very happy with the process and with my new website. Thanks, Kate!
Andrew Lawrence

I am so impressed with Kate! She was so patient with the process which I took a very long time to get through. She responded to every question with great detail and made it very easy for me to understand. I would 100% recommend her and would absolutely use the service again if we needed anything!
Melani Lewis

In one word… BRILLIANT! Kate is a clear communicator and her responsiveness is incredibly fast. When she first reviewed my requirements I could tell by her thoroughness that she would be great to work with. I had a complex website but she delivered on everything that she committed (features, time and budget). There was never any confusion or uncertainty. I’ve just tested the website and it works perfectly. It’s user friendly and you can tell it’s well built. I would have no hesitation recommending Kate. It would be a privilege working with her again and I hope to get the opportunity!
Daniel Gold

Was there with me every step of the way. Very efficient work style. Communication was great, was always able to meet me during my pockets of available time. Great Job!
Jordan Ashby Romine

Customer reviews

Ekaterina Bugay 2019-09-14T19:26:08Z 5
Project rating:

Kate was exceptionally responsive and knowledgeable. I will turn to her again as the unparalleled expert on solving WordPress issues. Highly recommended! Thank you, Kate!!

Peter Stilton
Ekaterina Bugay 2019-09-14T16:58:40Z 5
Project rating:

Working with Kate is a breath of fresh air; professional, prompt, great communication, and completed the task exactly as I had envisioned the result. Will hire Kate again without hesitation.

Bill Enross