Welcome to my profile! I am Egor Dankov, a full-stack WordPress developer and theme designer with 9 years of experience. My main development approach is finding the balance between the technical solution and the aesthetic part of the project.

Why hire me?

I focus on creating custom WordPress themes. During the last 7 years I had developed 20 multi-purpose themes with an overall 5-star rating for ThemeForest Marketplace, gotten Elite status, gained great experience and expertise. And most importantly, more than 8000 happy customers all over the world use my themes and get excellent support.

What can I do for you?

  • Develop a custom WordPress theme
  • Customize current theme according to your purposes
  • Speed up & SEO optimization for websites
  • Troubleshooting and bugfixes
  • Migration, hosting, backups, e-mail setup
  • Cleaning up from malware
  • Security and maintenance works
  • Contact Form 7, Google Maps, other API integration

What are my principles?

  • Prompt and exhaustive replies;
  • Open, honest and transparent attitude at each stage of communication;
  • Accurate time-management and meeting the deadlines
  • Responsibility for the work done.

Customer reviews

Egor Dankov 2020-09-01T20:03:54Z 5
Project rating:

I needed an addition to a header and help getting one of our sites over some bumps that came up with the WP 5.5 update. He was able to troubleshoot and fix the problem quickly and with super communication. Will definitely work with again!

Ellen Moseley
Egor Dankov 2020-09-01T10:28:04Z 5
Project rating:

The level of professionalism and support Egor has given was above our expectations and what we've ever had with any other programmer. Thank you!

Gabriel Lanoix
Egor Dankov 2020-08-22T18:07:54Z 5
Project rating:

I had been working with a new developer since late 2019, but recently have had website performance issues come up. When it came time to update the PHP, my developer was unable to do this and it turned out there was an issue with some coding. Feeling helpless and annoyed, I turned to Codeable and met Egor and he diagnosed and fixed the problem within a day! I then engaged him on a 2nd project because I was so impressed with his work and skills. Not having a background in IT myself, Egor was reassuring and walked me through what was happening and the work he would be doing in detail, so I had complete confidence in him. I highly recommend and trust Egor's work! Thank you!

Nicki Carrea
Egor Dankov 2020-09-21T19:29:19Z 5
Project rating:

Very good engagement, it took a long time but this can also be attributed to the theme provider. I would hire Egor again.

Joachim Schmid
Egor Dankov 2020-09-21T13:51:17Z 5
Project rating:

Lea Badenhoop
Egor Dankov 2020-09-20T13:25:23Z 5
Project rating:

I could have what I wanted. Very quick person and I really trust Egor.

Junichiro Taira
Egor Dankov 2020-09-18T17:43:32Z 5
Project rating:

nice work!

Brian Bemisdarfer
Egor Dankov 2020-09-17T17:04:38Z 5
Project rating:

All very well as we had agreed, highly recommended.

Alexis Vives
Egor Dankov 2020-09-17T12:55:17Z 5
Project rating:

Excellent communication and completed the project on time and exactly as requested. I will definitely hire Egor again for future projects. Well done!

Ron Bruner
Egor Dankov 2020-09-15T14:26:09Z 5
Project rating:

Albin Sjöberg
Egor Dankov 2020-09-10T07:04:49Z 5
Project rating:

Egor was quick to respond to my requests and finished the work super quickly. He was also easy to communicate with, definitely recommend!

Josh Vergeer
Egor Dankov 2020-09-10T06:34:30Z 5
Project rating:

Couldn't rate Egor highly enough. Went above and beyond the spec and was extremely prompt in make updates and changes. Will hire again.

Chris De Marchi
Egor Dankov 2020-09-04T07:49:00Z 5
Project rating:

Egor was fantastic to work with. Very clear communication and fast response. Highly recommended. Thanks.

Ben Davis
Egor Dankov 2020-09-03T11:09:06Z 5
Project rating:

This is my 2nd time engaging Egor which says a lot! He is detailed, knowledgable and accurate. Happy to have found his skill set!

Nicki Carrea
Egor Dankov 2020-09-01T08:23:06Z 5
Project rating:

Efficient, fast and great to work with. Strong design and technical skills. Highly recommend.