Edu is a Senior WordPress developer with a decade of experience across multiple platforms. He’s a keen technologist with a passion for the future of creativity online, always seeking new and interesting ways to use programming to create idiosyncratic and high-quality work.

For the last 8 years he has been focusing on WordPress, becoming specialised and a top-notch developer for this CMS, always on the verge of best practices and latest trends, to be able to deliver nothing but excellence to his clients.

No stranger to remote work, he’s been working and travelling while running his online businesses for the last +3 years.

πŸ“– CV

Senior WordPress Developer
Working Remotely 🌴 Β· 2017 – Present

Lecturer and Developer
Harbour Space Β· 2017 – 2017

Container Studio Β· 2016 – 2017

Full-stack Developer
The George Β· 2015 – 2016

Full-stack Developer
Poliwin Software Β· 2013 – 2015

πŸŽ“ Education

Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science
Universitat de Barcelona – Barcelona Β· 2014 – 2018

FP2 in Computer Systems Management
Joan Ramis Institute – Balearic Islands Β· 2007 – 2009

FP1 Technician in Operating Systems
Joan Ramis Institute – Balearic Islands Β· 2005 – 2007

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Some Work

😎 Cool stuff done lately:

  • Designed and developed the Microsoft Windows 10 Italy promotional site, featuring some of Italy’s most talented YouTubers helping boost sales and popularity of Windows 10 in Italy.

  • Worked on the development of the Wall Street English multisite network, with about 25 different country sub-sites with custom features and functionalities.

  • Lectured on a course at Harbour.Space teaching students what technology makes sense for early/MVP stage, late stage, and scaling in terms of infrastructure, stack, UX/UI, mobile, and back-end.

  • Co-Founded containerstud.io a small studio of digital makers, designers and developers that make thoughtful products for clients and screens everywhere.

  • Participated in Y Combinator’s Startup School 2018 a course that educates founders about how to grow and manage their startup.

  • Planned, developed, and provided creative input for the new Monza website, a WordPress site with heavy traffic loads during the F1 season, which we successfully supported using caching methods and load balancing techniques.

  • Developed the new Amfivia event company website with a focus on marketing that resulted in a huge improvement in web conversion rates.

  • Created a WordPress API wrapper for React to read values from a WordPress back-end and render them in client-side JavaScript.

  • Built a Docker image with PHP7, Nginx, Git, and web hooks for ease of site deployment and development.

πŸ›  Tools that I like:

  • WordPress (of course) and the WordPress API
  • Advanced Custom Fields
  • Docker
  • Roots Sage (Theme Development)
  • VS Code
  • Git
  • HTML/CSS/Javascript

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