Hi, I’m Drew :-)

I’m a WordPress core developer, which means I’m one of a handful of developers in the world who work directly on the WordPress software itself. As such, I have expert-level knowledge of the ins and outs of the WordPress code base, which often enables me to implement elegant solutions for tough-to-solve problems.

I’ve been developing with WordPress since 2008 and have extensive experience working on all types of projects from full website builds and custom plugins for small businesses all the way up to high scale, high traffic enterprise-level solutions for Fortune 500 companies and universities.

After spending about 3 years working for an elite WordPress agency followed by two more at plugin shop, I’ve entirely refocused on the kind of work I truly love: custom plugin development.

If you’re looking for a no-nonsense approach to problem solving with easy communication, look me up, you won’t be disappointed :-)

Customer reviews

Drew Jaynes 2018-03-08T18:17:02Z 5
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Good knowledge, friendly.

Travis Morgan
Drew Jaynes 2016-10-28T06:45:56Z 5
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Some of the cleanest code we've seen. Only one minor issue in the deliverable. Only ONE. And it was extremely minor. I don't remember the last time we had a project where there was only one issue in the first deliverable. Highly recommended.

Nigel Bahadur
Drew Jaynes 2016-09-30T15:40:21Z 5
Project rating:

Drew is fast, efficient, and his code is poetry!

Daniel Espinoza
Drew Jaynes 2017-03-10T17:06:03Z 5
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Chris Davis
Drew Jaynes 2016-10-13T07:01:03Z 5
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Simon Bowerbank
Drew Jaynes 2016-10-11T00:40:41Z 5
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Daniel Espinoza