Donny Prabowo CodeAble Certificate

Hey, my name is Donny and I am specializing in building web application using WordPress and WooCommerce framework for the past 8 years. Most recently, I have built complex multi-site WordPress site for US based franchise company, coaches to sell their online courses and businesses to sell and promote their products online. These include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), PPC, Facebook Pixel, Google Phone Script, Google Tag Manager, Google Remarketing Tag and Google Analytics report. Many projects have been a translation from PSD to HTML or WordPress template.

My expertise is both building theme from scratch per the functional requirement and configuring/modifying existing theme. That process includes extensive usage of CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, MySQL, PHP and images edit via PhotoShop to translate PSD into pixel perfect HTML. Besides daily coding, I have extensive experience managing servers via WHM, cPanel and SSH as well as configuring SEO and optimizing website speed load performance.

I am great with attention to detail and have consistently exceeded all goals set to me. I am valued for my hard work, reliability, tenacity and ability to come up with solutions to problems as well as providing step by step instructions that would help the admins / clients making changes on their own while always be available to support them when they need it.

More about me: https://donnystudio.com/

Customer reviews

Donny Prabowo 2019-05-13T17:29:06Z 5
Project rating:

Kris Gesink
Donny Prabowo 2019-05-10T18:21:53Z 5
Project rating:

Donny is great. He asked a ton of questions and went far in depth to understand our requirements. He spent a lot of time putting together an estimate for us and we’re grateful for his attention to detail.

Jason Curry
Donny Prabowo 2019-04-29T14:27:19Z 5
Project rating:

Donny's work was better than we could have hoped for. All deadlines were met and it was a pleasure working with him. Client changes and additions were no problem. Looking forward to working on future projects together.

Christopher McCool
Donny Prabowo 2019-04-25T16:21:51Z 5
Project rating:

Donny was wonderful to work with. He answered many of my questions prior to starting the project which gave me a lot of clarity and trust going into the project. I had never used codeable or hired a free-lance coder to help with a project, so I was a little hesitant at first. Donny exceeded my expectations, and was extremely responsive to all my questions, suggestions, and additions that I sent him. I wanted to polish our website, and Donny did just that. He suggested we switch to a more mobile-friendly WP theme, which I greatly appreciated and it was wonderful to have that expertise consult on the website. He was also able to do a lot of the back-linking we needed and fix structural problems with our layout. I would highly recommend using Donny for your WP needs!

Lauren Mann
Donny Prabowo 2019-04-08T14:40:52Z 5
Project rating:

Donny is very reponsable Person very easy to work with and super skillful at what his does. I am happy I have found him.

Maria Sumner
Donny Prabowo 2019-04-05T15:30:57Z 5
Project rating:

Kris Gesink
Donny Prabowo 2019-03-19T15:23:10Z 5
Project rating:

This is the third web site I have had built. Once through a friend, one through GoDaddy. My experience with Codable and specifically Donny was better than anything I could have hoped for. I would not hesitate to use him again. He was responsive, he was detailed, he had suggestions and made every change I asked for without complaint. He understood that this is also a creative process and allowed me to see changes and then go back and adjust. We have a phase two planned and we will be back with Donny again. I won't do it with anyone else after this experience. I would recommend him to anyone. In addition I also found the Codeable platform easy to use and I was happy with the entire process. Five Stars all the way. Lara ThePokerPeople.com - see what I am talking about - it came out great!

Lara Gertzen
Donny Prabowo 2019-03-18T14:56:37Z 5
Project rating:

The best developer i have worked with so far. Very Knowledgeable in Wordpress but somehow knows the ins and out of other IT Sectors. Helps us set up Emails, Migration, Database Management, Speed Optimisation and Server management.When i say the best so far, I have been let down by many! This is being compared to over 30 developers, who have worked on my wesbites since 2002 in the total number of years iv been online. Im also comparing to Pros From Guru, Freelancer & Peoples per hours including Professional Websites. So what makes Donny stand out of the Crowd? his Dedication, His Effort and above all his Honesty that something you cant buy with money!Donny focuses on getting the work done regardless of the time or work load it puts on himself, he does not complain or make a fuss rather he tries to come up with better solutions. He not only has saved us thousands on Hosting Fees, Donny thinks efficiently and effectively.His prices are very very reasonable and if i could give him more stars that is exactly how i feel.YES I WILL RECOMMEND HIM WHOLEHEARTEDLY!!!Donny Delivered on time and on budget! that something very few these days are capable of doing!

Zahir Karbani
Donny Prabowo 2019-03-18T14:02:01Z 5
Project rating:

Donny has been a pleasure to work with! He is a very patient man and I appreciate that. The work that he has completed for me is more than I even expected and is just phenomenal! Thank you very much for the work you have done Donny, I'll definitely be back!

Ryan Augusto
Donny Prabowo 2019-03-15T16:05:33Z 5
Project rating:

Thanks so much, Donny!

Erin Fossum
Donny Prabowo 2019-03-07T19:51:29Z 5
Project rating:

I have been working with Donny Prabowo now on a few projects, and our working relationship has developed into a very good collaboration. We understand and respect each other, which is valuable, because creating a website is like giving birth to a new child! There isn't another developer I would rather work with.Donny has come to understand that, although I am not a technical genius, I am very particular about what I want a great client experience to be on the web. I think that, together, we have achieved that kind of interaction and rapport.I would highly recommend Donny to anyone!

George E Wallace
Donny Prabowo 2019-03-05T18:38:18Z 5
Project rating:

Martin Slort
Donny Prabowo 2019-02-24T14:22:03Z 5
Project rating:

Donny did outstanding work!

Vicki Krupp
Donny Prabowo 2019-02-21T08:39:16Z 5
Project rating:

Excellent work with timely responses and flexibility. Overall a very positive experience!

Jules Bower
Donny Prabowo 2019-02-07T16:42:55Z 5
Project rating:

Best service.

Edwin Medina