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Big Brand Experience Put To Work For Small Businesses, Startups and Nonprofits

We are a team of 25 people. Everyone on our team has Fortune 500 and Big Brand experience. Everyone on our team is a specialist. We use all the “trade secrets” learned over the years working with BIG Brands and Fortune 500 Companies to help Small Businesses, Startups and Nonprofits take their Website, Branding and Marketing to the next level.


Alex Afshari runs our maintenance department and spends the most time here on Codeable. If we are doing a full website builder app development then you will get to know one of our project managers VERY well: Becka Sheranian, Konan Hauser and John Smith (yes that is actually his name – or he is running from the law). Yasmine, Sunny, Josh, Paul and Jocelyn are responsible for the amazing design you see (the bad stuff is from David). Martin, Oscar, Dan, Luis and Brady are the engineers responsible for the awesome coding that brings their design to life and Michael, Mark, Konan and Holly bring LOTS of traffic to your site with their Branding, SEO and Marketing chops.

But this is really just a complicated way of saying: Our job is to make your job easier!

Strengths include: Custom Design, Custom Themes, Theme Modification, Performance Optimization, Marketing, SEO and Branding.

David Gaz, the creative director and founder, writes for Forbes Magazine. He has spoken at Stanford University, The Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris and at events all across the United States and will be teaching workshops at Princeton University in the Fall.

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Customer reviews

David Gaz | The Bureau Of Small Projects 2019-08-23T18:59:32Z 5
Project rating:

Well written communication with good response times made the project an enjoyable experience. Look forward to our next project.

Natasha Mary
David Gaz | The Bureau Of Small Projects 2017-07-27T01:18:01Z 5
Project rating:

David was fair and honest in his advice drawing from his many past design projects so we knew it came from a place where he knew what worked and didn't. Communication was easy with him as he was both responsive on the Codeable interface as well as in our phone conversations, where we had no problems getting in touch with each other. On top of all that,,he did a wonderful job re-designing the look and feel of the website's home page. The front-end developer should now have the tools to make this vision a reality.

Johnny T Cheng
David Gaz | The Bureau Of Small Projects 2017-02-01T18:25:29Z 5
Project rating:

David is unlike most web developers in that he is strong in both technical and visual elements -- and as a bonus he is a strategic thinker!

Kathy Rainey
David Gaz | The Bureau Of Small Projects 2020-07-28T06:59:38Z 5
Project rating:

The work was design of a banner to inform visitors to our website of the COVID-19 protection measures we are taking for our tour business. David and his colleague produced a design we were very pleased with, and added it to our website very quickly. As always, communications were really smooth and responsiveness very fast, they always seem to "get" what we are after. The perfect experts for the job.

Helen Colley
David Gaz | The Bureau Of Small Projects 2020-06-19T21:32:08Z 5
Project rating:

David was outstanding and provided amazing value on our consultation together. He carefully explained his process for delivering more than just a beautiful site, but a high converting one as well. If you're considering working with David on your next project, I can't recommend him enough. He's a true professional and knows his craft inside/out. Thank you, David!

James Lewis
David Gaz | The Bureau Of Small Projects 2020-05-21T22:41:14Z 5
Project rating:

Amazing help as usual

Dafina Smith
David Gaz | The Bureau Of Small Projects 2020-05-04T23:08:36Z 5
Project rating:

This project got a little bigger than I had anticipated. However, I feel I received what I wanted to accomplish. Thank you to you and your team.

Christi Caldin
David Gaz | The Bureau Of Small Projects 2020-04-01T23:12:27Z 5
Project rating:

Ashley Lukehart
David Gaz | The Bureau Of Small Projects 2020-03-30T23:38:18Z 5
Project rating:

Dean Caldwell
David Gaz | The Bureau Of Small Projects 2019-12-10T22:32:46Z 5
Project rating:

They deserve it!

Merle Bushkin
David Gaz | The Bureau Of Small Projects 2019-12-03T00:28:22Z 4
Project rating:

LUMA Partners
David Gaz | The Bureau Of Small Projects 2019-09-16T21:50:12Z 5
Project rating:

jon hull
David Gaz | The Bureau Of Small Projects 2019-08-20T12:44:22Z 4
Project rating:

Carliss Million
David Gaz | The Bureau Of Small Projects 2019-08-15T21:54:39Z 5
Project rating:

He was thoughtful about what I needed and how he could help me. He adjusted his usual arrangements so that they best met my needs.

Arthur Hartz
David Gaz | The Bureau Of Small Projects 2019-08-13T23:13:54Z 5
Project rating:

David has been fantastic to work with. From the very start, he asked all the right questions, grasped our business needs straight away, was extremely supportive in helping us understand at every stage what choices would be best for us to make about our new website and the support available to us, organised training for us to take control of and look after our website in future, and - most important of all - he has made us the most beautiful website that we are really proud to show the world to promote our business. I would recommend anyone to work with David and his team, and we will certainly come back to him for any future needs we may have..

Helen Colley