Can’t find an existing plugin to do what’s required for your business?

Frustrated that a plugin does most of what you need but can’t be fully fine-tuned for your business as is?

As a result, you’re stuck working in your business doing the tasks that can be solved with technology instead of working on your business to take it further.

I can help

Hello! My name is Dasha and I develop custom WordPress solutions required for your business.

For the past 6 years, I worked as part of a team at a top-level WordPress agency specialising in building custom WordPress solutions for big corporate websites.

I’d love to use my experience to make your website work for your business so it can be run effectively and free you up for higher-level priorities be it business development or personal objectives.

Besides web development, I’m highly interested in business, entrepreneurship and human behaviour. In that respect, I see technology more as a modern world business tool rather than an end in itself.

This affects how I approach a project:
1. Talking to you to understand what you’re trying to solve for your business or your customers.
2. Considering and suggesting possible solutions.

Why me:
1. Technical knowledge and experience.
2. Interest in business, entrepreneurship and human behaviour.
3. Building a long-lasting partnership with you to provide technical solutions required for your business.

Let’s discuss your project

Post your project on Codeable for me as a preferred expect.


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