What I do

  • Front end web development
  • WordPress full builds
  • Custom theme development
  • Speed optimisation
  • Google PageSpeed / Web Vitals optimisation
  • Conversion optimisation
  • Design to WordPress (Sketch, Figma, XD, Photoshop, Illustrator,…)

Customer reviews

Bob H 2020-04-21T19:27:41Z 5
Project rating:

Bob has done an amazing job and got page speed score from less than 60 to more than 90! Thank you for your great work and for your kindness and patience!

Andrea Messetti
Bob H 2020-04-20T14:25:32Z 5
Project rating:

Bob responded very quickly even on a sunday! He even gave some extra advise! Thank you and i definitely will get back in touch if a have something else going on for the site

L.M. vogelaar
Bob H 2020-04-11T15:44:52Z 5
Project rating:

Very responsive! Very talented and great developer!!! Will be using Bob again!

Josh Starr
Bob H 2020-10-21T21:56:39Z 4
Project rating:

A little confusion about approach to task that was worked out.

Louise MacDonald
Bob H 2020-10-09T12:27:23Z 5
Project rating:

Bob is amazing. He went above and beyond the project scope. He completed a task for us to fix our CLS issue with google core vitals. He went a step further and was able to get rid of 1 font file, made some image load tweaks, disabled owl carousel and implemented a better solution for us to make our product pages faster. He not only completed the project perfectly, but even more! He was extremely responsive, helpful, and clear. A+

John Mattar
Bob H 2020-09-12T16:30:36Z 5
Project rating:

Bob was great to work with. He went above and beyond to successfully finish this project.

Magda Solski
Bob H 2020-08-06T18:08:52Z 5
Project rating:

Bob's the best. Love working with him.

Patrick Nelson
Bob H 2020-07-09T16:23:28Z 5
Project rating:

Bob is an expert in every sense of the word when it comes to WordPress site speed optimization. Honestly, the level of detail, expertise, and his communication is amazing. The results were DRAMATIC. My site was many times faster -- Bob squeezed every bit of performance out of my site he could, and took the time to explain everything he did to me, which was eye opening and educational. Great experience working with him, and would highly recommend. Bob, you'll probably hear from me again! Haha.

Gabriel Lopez
Bob H 2020-07-08T15:15:06Z 5
Project rating:

Abidin Alkilinc
Bob H 2020-05-18T08:19:09Z 5
Project rating:

Very fast and very efficient, he knows what he's doing. Great experience.

Eric Labuske
Bob H 2020-05-15T18:41:27Z 5
Project rating:

Bob responded promptly and brought significant speed improvements to my page.

Alexander H. Yu
Bob H 2020-05-12T12:05:53Z 5
Project rating:

Bob is brilliant. Everything we need from a developer is right here: knowledgeable, fast and easy to work with. We will be working with Bob for a long time.

Patrick Nelson
Bob H 2020-05-09T15:30:47Z 5
Project rating:

Tanja Lewit
Bob H 2020-05-07T08:57:20Z 5
Project rating:

Jacob Lundby
Bob H 2020-05-05T08:58:16Z 5
Project rating:

Bob was really professional in handling the tasks and completed all of them in time. Good work Bob.

Deepson Thomas