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Website Developer and Database Application Expert Since 2008 I have been focusing on programming, development resources and hosting business applications. Specialties are WordPress, PHP, CSS, JS, database construct and static Websites. You will find over 25 “Tradesouthwest” themes on repository as well as a dozen plugins; some are commercial and sold outside of WordPress…

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I build clean processes, easy UIs, smart code, and efficient designs that solve your specific problems, streamline your business, and lead to audience growth.

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Hey there! I am Milan, WordPress developer specialized in backend development. What kind of projects I can help you with? Code custom plugins from scratch. Modify or extend existing plugins. Troubleshoot and solve problems with your WordPress site. Improve performance of your WordPress site. Integrate your WordPress site with 3rd party APIs. Create WooCommerce extensions….

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Hi there, I’m Jonathan. If you’ve got a WordPress problem, I want to solve it! You’re probably reading this because you clicked on my profile link to see more about me or we’re already chatting in a Codeable task room. There’s also a possibility you clicked on the ‘hire me’ link from my web site….

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Dear YOU, Let’s break down this profile, so you do not get lost: You will see 4 sections: Who am I?, Work samples ( Videos ), **My Pledge to you ** and What do I do? Who am I? hi, I am a professional WordPress, Shopify and Front end developer. I have more than 10…

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A dedicated software developer A software developer with 10+ years of experience developing a range of products, including startup websites to event managing applications. I am technically skilled and adept to developing professional, top-quality products. Expertise and Services WordPress Development Custom WordPress Plugin Development Additional features to existing themes or plugins Non-WordPress to WordPress site…

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Nabil Kadimi – WordPress Core Contributer One thing for sure: you’ve found your WordPress guy I’m Nabil, I have 12 years of experience in web development, I specialize in WordPress. I contribute to WordPress Core. I’m a Linux power user. Example Work Bootswatch for WordPress, see my website for a preview Starter (plugin) Optin Cat…

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I am a full stack web developer with 10+ years of experience. I am specialized in custom WordPress solutions and integrations. My portfolio includes platforms developed on top of WordPress, Laravel, and ReactJS like web shops, marketplaces web applications and simple presentational websites. I am also the owner of a small web design agency Pixel…

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I am CEO of Artvens Digital Agency, we specializes in web design/development using WordPress stack and and have more than 4 years of experience. During this period we created many(a bit more than 120 :) ) WordPress themes and plugins for our clients. We always deliver projects on time and within expected budget