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Friends call me Bart, it’s nice to meet you

I’m a WordPress developer with over 10 years of industry experience. Through my career I’ve been building full featured sites of various scales – from small local entities to gov agencies. I’ve been using my experience to help with strategy and planing of new projects or enhancing / fixing existing ones.


My biggest achievement to date is the Jupiter Theme. I’ve joined Artbees as a second developer and helped to put a life back into the project. We’ve done full rewrite together, rearchitected theme, improved in browser performance and reduced download size.

Doing such extreme modifications on living project with ~70 000 of active users shaped my caution, focus on backward compatibility and bug free delivery. I’ve learned my ways through large scale codebases and workflows.

I’d be happy to share my expertise with you.


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Customer reviews

Bartek Makoś 2017-08-10T22:14:58Z 5
Project rating:

Bart communicated very clearly, did not need much time to get familiar with our code base, and was extremely detailed and quick to complete the project.

Phil Derksen