PHP Developer with 10+ years of experience in web development of PHP and WordPress applications. Since 2018 exclusively WordPress development and API integrations.

How can I help

With my rich experience I can help solving various business cases with WordPress projects. Side by side with Non-Technical Founders to build and launch successful solutions.

Consultancy and project management. Strong expertise in integration of APIs and third party systems, as well as WordPress themes and plugins development.

Striving for friendships and long-term collaboration.


Bachelor in Information Technologies. A lot of courses completed in relation to programming for web, system administration and security. Always upgrading my professional and personal skills. Love to visit community events such WordCamp, local WordPress meetups, other IT conferences and of course Codeable community events.

Love WordPress

I love working with WordPress most because it is designed to be extended. It provides a solid ground for many projects, including large scale solutions. Also there is a great community and lots of products involved.

Free time

Lately my free time is dedicated to sport climbing. Love it as much as WordPress. Or even a bit more :) Also walks in nature and cozy talks with friends.

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