I have 11 years of experience working on WordPress and 6.5 years of WordPress programming experience. I am always looking for projects that would challenge and push my boundaries further. At the core, I enjoy creating enjoyable experiences for my clients and their users. UI is a major focus on all my projects. I believe that an interface should intuitive and simple enough for a user to understand it without the need for too many videos tutorials and such.

I can render the following services on Codeable:

  1. WordPress theme development and customizations
  2. WordPress plugin development and customizations
  3. Woocommerce extension development and customizations
  4. Complex API integration
  5. SaaS and PaaS development (WP and Non WP)
  6. Enterprise application development

Customer reviews

Asim Bawany 2016-11-09T19:12:59Z 5
Project rating:

Asim and his team fulfilled all of our expectations with professional, efficient, on budget and at all times, friendly customer service His corporate and cultural experience in the North America market along with his native command of the English language, contributed to a seamless ability to translate the customer's business needs to his development team. Asim, along with various team members during the project, were available on our time zone and were consistently easy to connect with. By far the best ever "remote" and solution development experience.to date. If you have not worked with these guys your should!

Jackie Gilna
Asim Bawany 2016-07-14T07:30:47Z 5
Project rating:

Asim and his team are beyond amazing. If I could give more than a 5 star rating I would. Very Professional and expertise in development is off the charts.

Josh Smith
Asim Bawany 2016-06-01T16:59:44Z 5
Project rating:

Working with Asim on our project was great. He was polite, friendly, responsive, knowledgeable, and in the end, our custom WP plugin works exactly as intended. I would highly recommend anyone looking for any custom WP plugin development to use Asim's services. Thanks Asim, and team!

Richard Donnell
Asim Bawany 2019-04-18T22:53:34Z 5
Project rating:

Mike Chace
Asim Bawany 2019-04-11T16:54:11Z 5
Project rating:

Asim and his group are amazing. They respond in a timely fashion and are good about asking questions and working with you to see your task to the end. Definitely working with them in the future.

Barbara Bullard
Asim Bawany 2019-04-10T15:12:36Z 5
Project rating:

Patient and efficient.

Tim Herriage
Asim Bawany 2019-04-09T00:27:24Z 5
Project rating:

Ross Simmonds
Asim Bawany 2019-03-28T17:17:07Z 5
Project rating:

Great communication. The project was completed in good time.

Noel Cammack
Asim Bawany 2019-03-22T17:01:11Z 5
Project rating:

Daniel McMullan
Asim Bawany 2019-03-22T13:09:59Z 5
Project rating:

Jim Christian
Asim Bawany 2019-03-15T13:31:45Z 5
Project rating:

Jon Teodoro
Asim Bawany 2019-03-01T10:44:46Z 3
Project rating:

Maria Claudia Beiriz
Asim Bawany 2019-02-22T09:14:52Z 5
Project rating:

Quick response and detailed information on what has been done. I'm very satisfied with the work provided.

Jaap de Wit
Asim Bawany 2019-02-21T12:37:56Z 5
Project rating:

Cecilia Lassfolk
Asim Bawany 2019-02-20T16:27:56Z 5
Project rating:

Asim and his team are very skilled. I marked responsiveness 4 because it took a little longer to get the final estimates

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