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Passionate, creative and versatile front-end developer from Vilnius, Lithuania with 5+ years of experience developing and building responsive websites using JavaScript, React, HTML, CSS, PHP, WordPress. Some of my featured work Check my portfolio for more

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I’m a web developer living in Belgrade, Serbia, a graduated engineer of information technologies and organizations. I have 7 years of commercial experience providing full-stack development, producing high-quality responsive websites and exceptional user experience. My philosophy is good time organization, quality and to be a pioneer in finding out new ways of solving different types…

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Hi, I’m Brad! I have a passion for web design and development. I love to create for web and mobile devices. I have nearly a decade of product design and development. I believe that attention to the small/subtle details – the ones often get overlooked by most – are what makes the difference between good…

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I have over 10 years of experience crafting unique and engaging user experiences on the web. User experience is not just another buzz word to me. It fuels every aspect of my life. I can’t help but dissect the world around me to find new ways I could put it back together to improve it….

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💪 What I can do for You I partner with the most forward-thinking companies to build modern, performance optimized WordPress themes using the cutting-edge techniques. Custom WordPress Themes I build fast and maintainable WordPress themes with modern day web standards. I use Sage starter theme to create elegant, DRY templates with Blade and separated PHP…