I am a Full-stack Web Developer mainly focusing on JavaScript, both on the front-end (React, VueJS) and the back-end (NodeJS). My day-to-day work consists primarily of developing custom WordPress and Shopify themes.

I specialize in developing Single Page Applications (SPA) and dynamic/interactive websites.

WordPress Achievements:
– Contributed to the WordPress core
– Held a dev talk at a local WordCamp
– Contributed to the WordPress Codex (documentation)
– Helped organize local meetups and WordCamps

Customer reviews

Ante Šepić 2018-11-27T10:55:55Z 5
Project rating:

I'm so pleased with my first experience with Codeable, and that has everything to do with Ante. He was helpful, communicative and very fast in dealing with my self-hosted font issues. Breathing a sigh of relief!

Nat Carroll
Ante Šepić 2018-10-14T20:12:09Z 5
Project rating:

Ante was able to come up with JS rebuild that was effective and efficient in his approach. I very much appreciated his perspective, expertise and dedication to arriving at a solution to fix the customized components of my pre existing platform.

Mary York
Ante Šepić 2018-10-04T01:52:00Z 5
Project rating:

Ante was very helpful at all stages of the process, and I would be happy to work with him again in the future.

Tom Hansen
Ante Šepić 2020-08-06T23:11:59Z 5
Project rating:

Ante planned out an intelligent approach to building our single-page app and API integration -- building a custom plugin for us to handle the job. His response time was always quick, and he communicated clearly and accurately. I would definitely work with Ante again!

Jack Macy
Ante Šepić 2020-07-16T16:57:30Z 5
Project rating:

We have worked with Ante a few times now and he has been fairly prompt to respond and complete any work requested.

Michele Bergh
Ante Šepić 2020-05-26T11:24:01Z 5
Project rating:

Ellen Stavik
Ante Šepić 2020-05-22T09:22:47Z 5
Project rating:

Organisation and work has been brilliant.

Erik Oxenbøll
Ante Šepić 2020-05-15T20:30:36Z 5
Project rating:

Ante did a fantastic job on my blog. Will definitely hire him again in the future.

Joseph Caltabiano
Ante Šepić 2020-05-15T10:48:52Z 5
Project rating:

Ante was very responsive and helpful. He completed the required WordPress modifications effectively and promptly. We're very happy with the results!

Scott Robinson
Ante Šepić 2020-03-14T12:56:05Z 5
Project rating:

Great communicator. Fast and quality work.

Michele Bergh
Ante Šepić 2020-03-12T14:30:43Z 5
Project rating:

Jan Nielsen
Ante Šepić 2020-03-08T16:45:57Z 5
Project rating:

Working with Ante was an absolute joy. He was very communicative throughout the entire process and was quick to get things done. His code is clean and well documented. Will be definitely using him again for future projects!

Jason Ryan
Ante Šepić 2020-03-05T21:31:33Z 5
Project rating:

Michele Bergh
Ante Šepić 2020-03-05T03:19:59Z 5
Project rating:

Ante was quick and did a great job communicating and commenting out the code he added which I appreciate very much.

Michele Bergh
Ante Šepić 2020-02-11T12:18:16Z 5
Project rating:

He is really fast and has very good communication skills. Work was done perfectly and flexible. Definitly not the last job! Thanks Ante!

Thomas Neumeister