# Do you need help building and launching your website?

If you’re confused about:
* Picking a perfect theme for your website
* Organizing content on your pages
* Optimizing for SEO
* Picking a good hosting provider
* Securing your website from hackers

You’ve come to the right place.

Hi, my name is Andriy and I have been helping small businesses launch their websites for over 5 years.

Here is how my process works:

  1. You apply for a consultation where we discuss your project goals
  2. I create a plan that consists of a few phases to launch your website.
  3. I build your website.
  4. We test it and optimize it for speed, performance, and on-page SEO.
  5. We launch your website.
  6. We start an SEO and/or PPC campaign to bring leads to your business.

Why you should trust me?

  • I’m a certified Codeable contractor
  • Testimonials from real clients don’t lie
Review 1 Review 2 Review 3 Review 4 Review 5
  • My articles about Web Design, SEO and marketing have been published on some of the leading websites in the industry like Clutch.co, Web Design Depot, and Site Pro News
Clutch Web Design Depot Site Pro News
  • I have been working as a full-stack web developer building websites and small/medium apps for over 5 years now using WordPress, Laravel, Symfony, Vue.js and React.js

Case studies

I don’t only do web development work, I also understand the importance of a website as a marketing/sales tool.
So let me show you some results that I’ve generated for my past clients.

* Baykiv – Wed Design and SEO for a local hotel/restaurant business that now generates about 500 targeted visitors to their service pages per month.
Read a full case study.
Check the website – https://baykiv.com.ua

* MVFPersonalTraining – website design, development and on-page SEO for a personal trainer from San Diego.
Read a full case study.
Check the website – https://mvfpersonaltraining.com

Alex Pecheniev
* Alex Pechecniev – website development for a graphic designer.
Read a full case study.
Check the website – https://alexpecheniev.com

* Aiwizo – website development for a machine learning company
Check the website – https://www.aiwizo.com/

If you want to work with me – click on a link below:

Customer reviews

Andriy Haydash 2019-10-15T23:57:55Z 5
Project rating:

David Lii
Andriy Haydash 2019-10-10T19:14:20Z 5
Project rating:

VRS Services
Andriy Haydash 2019-09-25T15:33:30Z 5
Project rating:

knows what he's doing

Ernest Anonymous
Andriy Haydash 2019-09-20T07:46:53Z 5
Project rating:

Andriy is lovely to work with. He is able to understand the requirements and if needs to clarify, does so timeously. I would recommend working with him.

Shana Derman
Andriy Haydash 2019-08-29T09:35:49Z 5
Project rating:

Frederik Lagrange
Andriy Haydash 2019-08-13T20:23:17Z 5
Project rating:

Elizabeth Flowers
Andriy Haydash 2019-07-11T15:11:32Z 5
Project rating:

Wonderful in every way!

Luke Nunnally