Thanks for checking me out! I’ve spent the bulk of my freelance career taking simply an idea for a site and building an online business around it. So, even if you have sparse content, dull images, lackluster headlines and no ‘WoW’ factor going on, let’s take your vision and bring it to life full-screen. You’ll end up with a knock-out site you’ll be proud of which also works beautifully on mobile.

A few of my custom themes are below and my online portfolio (with client work) is available HERE :



I can build you a custom theme based on your optics or I can do it intuitively based on our conversations. Either way, with a little help from you, we’ll get your site up and running by your deadline and make sure that people go ‘WoW’ when they view it.



I can help you with the following + more:

  • UI / UX Design
  • Elementor & Astra Development + Design
  • Divi theme Development + Design
  • Creative Commons Image Selection
  • WordPress Website Migrations
  • Hacking Removal + Security Setup
  • Theme | Plugin Installs + Customizations



  • I’m a ‘Geek-Speak’ free zone. You’ll get clear and consistent replies from me and I will intersperse new ideas into your project, if so requested.

  • A Master Plan involving your vision pertaining to your site.

  • Simple solutions for complex objectives. Keeping it uncomplicated.


A few of my custom themes are above and my online portfolio (with client work) is available HERE:

Customer reviews

Alicia Guidry 2019-08-29T21:51:37Z 5
Project rating:

She's knowledgeable, professional, responsive and a pleasure to work with.

Elizabeth Reynolds
Alicia Guidry 2019-07-29T23:16:08Z 5
Project rating:

Alicia went above and beyond, making sure I understood what was needed and adding some of her own creative knowledge to the new website design. I absolutely love the end result and look forward to working with her again as my new venture grows.

Elizabeth Reynolds
Alicia Guidry 2019-06-24T19:30:28Z 5
Project rating:

Very professional and a job well done. Answered all our questions and was very patient. I would highly recommend Alicia. We can't fault her.

Lee Sandford
Alicia Guidry 2019-06-04T16:53:14Z 5
Project rating:

Julie Wilson
Alicia Guidry 2019-05-24T00:13:40Z 5
Project rating:

Alicia addressed every concern and issue I had with my site. Not only is she quick, but professional and kind. Thanks, Alicia!

Haven Barnes
Alicia Guidry 2019-05-18T22:47:28Z 5
Project rating:

Alicia is awesome! above and beyond the call of duty! Knowledgeable and prompt. I love working with Alicia!

wayne volack
Alicia Guidry 2018-12-07T23:31:11Z 5
Project rating:

This is the second time I've worked with Alicia and she's amazing. Super professional, easy to communicate with and fast. Highly recommend.

Jenny Petty
Alicia Guidry 2018-11-28T18:45:21Z 5
Project rating:

Alicia was great!

Jaron Caldwell
Alicia Guidry 2018-11-25T20:26:26Z 5
Project rating:

Alicia went above and beyond in our consultation! She really knew the bugs of my current theme and gave me some solid direction about how to move away from my current theme as well as teach me what I need to know to set up my new website. Thanks, Alicia!

Natalia Amari
Alicia Guidry 2018-11-09T12:20:19Z 5
Project rating:

Alicia is superb. She went way beyond what is expected to ensure that I was completely satisfied and well on my way to manage on my own. Excellent timing, knowledge, skill and responsiveness. I'm sure that my next task will be with her.

Youssef El Deeb
Alicia Guidry 2018-10-08T17:12:33Z 5
Project rating:

Alicia delivered both a customer experience and a project that I loved. She was professional, helpful and a great communicator. She understood my brand and my project objective; delivering a website that was strategic in thought and design. Highly recommend.

Jenny Petty
Alicia Guidry 2018-10-07T21:11:20Z 5
Project rating:

This is my second project with Alicia! She is awesome! The best developer I have worked with in over 5 years. She is always one step ahead of me. I would highly recommend her for any project. Alicia is worth every penny she charges...more than fair.

wayne volack
Alicia Guidry 2018-08-09T21:17:35Z 5
Project rating:

I've worked with many designers and contractors in my career and I have to say that I was very impressed with Alicia. She was sharp, responsive,collaborative, very easy to work with and delivered quality work. I would most definitely work with her again and recommend her.

Karla Ilarde
Alicia Guidry 2018-08-02T02:40:22Z 5
Project rating:

Alicia, not only gave me more than what I had envisioned. She was kind enough to take the time and really get to know me and what my project was about. I look forward to working with her further on this project.

Todd Coldiron
Alicia Guidry 2018-06-20T21:42:51Z 5
Project rating:

Alicia is an exceptionally talented web designer and coder. I have wanted a very specific website to represent my business and brand for many years now and she helped bring it to life in the most imaginative way. I cannot recommend her highly enough for any website and coding projects. Outstanding service and work in every way. Thank you!

John Matthias