My name is Alexis and I like working with WordPress. I believe WordPress is a good choice for almost any web project imaginable thanks to its simplicity, flexibility, large number of plugins and community of developers which I’m proud to be a part of.

How I started as a WordPress developer.

My career as a WordPress developer started in 2011. Back then I was already developing websites with PHP and HTML but found I could be more productive and build better projects when using a content management system. That was when my experience with WordPress started. I worked as an internal in agencies since 2012 till 2018. In 2018 I decided it was time for me to go freelancing full time which I successfully and happily do till now.

My skills and WordPress experience.

In terms of my general programming skills I would like to highlight PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS. The most important skills one needs to know to be a WordPress developer.

I also use the following frameworks to make the development more productive: Symfony, jQuery, React, Bootstrap.

During my career I worked on a vast variety of projects involving WordPress: from setting up simple websites and blogs to programming custom plugins and themes. If I had to name a plugin which I am the most experienced in it would certainly be WooCommerce due to the number of related projects I successfully accomplished.

Work philosophy.

As already mentioned I work as a freelancer or self-employed worker since 2018. During this period I learned a lot not just in programming and professional terms but also in terms of how to be successful as a business, even if it is a one-person business.

In my work I tend to find solutions that save time, are simple and practical. My code is clean, easily maintainable and extensible.

When it comes to clients I strive to build long-term relations because I believe it is more beneficial for both parties in many ways compared to one-time projects.

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