EXPERTISE: interface design, backend coding, frontend coding, security, malware removal, websites protection, SSL installation, SSL configuration, performance improvement, speed up, host migration, domain migration, content edits, updates, maintenance… and much more

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The main thing about me is I REALLY LOVE my job!

I have enjoyed my job since 2008 and I think Wordpress is just AMAZING! I know this because I have developed many custom themes and built many successful e-commerce projects from scratch with individual designs for clients from all over the world! I also love to HELP WordPress and WooCommerce users with any tasks they have!

My priority is in developing long-term relationships with my clients and I always work on increasing the percentage of my returning clients. In addition, more than 80% of my new clients return back with new tasks. And I am really proud of it!

WordPress themes development, WooCommerce, plugins, design, CSS, PHP, javascript, jQuery, customization and much much more. I know it all like the back of my hand.
Also, I do web design projects, mostly in Sketch or Figma apps, it’s awesome.

A little more about me, I am positive, friendly and a very responsible Codeable WordPress expert!

Let’s do it!


– 🔗 Codelfo Web Studio website
– 🔗 Firm WP website

CSS Design Awards
– 🔗 Codelfo Web Studio website

CSS Light
– 🔗 Codelfo Web Studio website

My recent works:

🔗 https://ekaterinabelova.com | my design + development

https://ekaterinabelova.com |  my design + development

🔗 https://parachutetechs.com | my design + development

https://parachutetechs.com |  my design + development

🔗 http://icooktheworld.com | my design + development

http://icooktheworld.com |  my design + development

🔗 https://www.eilersdental.com | my design + development

https://www.eilersdental.com |  my design + development

  • 🔗 https://firmwp.com | individual design + development
  • 🔗 http://fitnessweightless.com | individual design + development on WP
  • 🔗 https://www.naturallyglutenfree.com.au | individual design + development
  • 🔗 http://speadly.com | client’s design + development
Codelfo Web Studio

Welcome to visit my website: 🔗 Codelfo Web Studio to see more!

Welcome to my 🔗 Dribbble design/art account

Want to hire me? Happy to help you!

Customer reviews

Alex Belov 2019-11-20T18:20:37Z 5
Project rating:

Fantastic work! I know I can count on Alex to be fast, efficient and a spot-on communicator. Thank you, Alex, for another amazing collaboration! Your development work is impeccable.

Megan Stout
Alex Belov 2019-11-19T02:26:06Z 5
Project rating:

Superb. Alex is a pleasure to work with and incredibly knowledgeable.

Richard Northen
Alex Belov 2019-11-12T16:26:31Z 5
Project rating:

We've worked on multiple projects now and i'm still amazed at the speed and quality of Alex's work. Thanks again Alex for being available and doing great work every time!

Megan Stout
Alex Belov 2019-12-09T10:51:33Z 5
Project rating:

Excellent communication, fixed the issue quickly, clearly a quality dev. Will definitely use again.

David Tyler
Alex Belov 2019-12-04T15:05:22Z 5
Project rating:

I've really enjoyed working with Alex over the past few months. He's super fast, tests all of his work and communicates perfectly. Thank you, Alex, for care you put into you work!

Megan Stout
Alex Belov 2019-12-02T14:52:14Z 5
Project rating:

Alex is professional, a pleasure to work with but most importantly does consistently great work! I have worked with him on multiple projects and he always delivers on time and on budget. Highly recommend!

Jill Feeler
Alex Belov 2019-11-26T01:46:33Z 5
Project rating:

Jennifer Etter
Alex Belov 2019-11-21T20:00:38Z 5
Project rating:

Ashley Martin
Alex Belov 2019-11-21T09:43:38Z 5
Project rating:

Alex responded quickly to my tight deadline. Great expert.

Christian Jaroljmek
Alex Belov 2019-11-20T16:07:58Z 5
Project rating:

Mandy Brown
Alex Belov 2019-11-14T14:53:06Z 5
Project rating:

Jeff Glassnor
Alex Belov 2019-11-09T08:35:48Z 5
Project rating:

Jean Vermeulen
Alex Belov 2019-11-08T16:18:51Z 5
Project rating:

Alex was very prompt in all communications and did an excellent job for us.

Paul Braden
Alex Belov 2019-11-05T17:18:54Z 5
Project rating:

Kelsey Hussey
Alex Belov 2019-11-05T16:45:17Z 5
Project rating:

Jeff Hunter