I am a freelance software engineer and WordPress consultant living in Germany specializing in enterprise-grade solutions in PHP and JavaScript.

I have worked with numerous platforms and programming languages for the past 25 years, and am now trying to settle down on modern web development with the WordPress platform. I am passionate about software architecture and code quality and never miss an opportunity to share best practices.

I am a WordPress Core Contributor, co-maintainer of the WordPress Core Bootstrap/Load component, maintainer of WP-CLI, Google Developers Expert in Web Technologies and generally very active in the open source community. You can take a look at my Community Page to get a short summary of where I have been contributing to.

Here are some examples of the kind of projects I did in the past:

GAIN Capital network of sites

🔗 danielstrading.com, danielsagmarketing.com, futuresonline.com, gainfutures.com, topthird.com, …

Built the architecture following DDD principles around an existing WordPress infrastructure to consolidate and improve several different legacy web properties into a coherent and modern whole.

Type of work done

  • Created new architecture using auto-wiring dependency injection, config management, centralized logging and AOP mechanisms to consolidate several legacy web properties into one coherent whole, letting all sites reuse the same codebase.
  • Rebuilt several areas from the ground up.
  • Built abstractions for and integrated the external mailing list server and proprietary CRM.
  • Developed and deployed workflow optimizations.


“If you are in need of an expert software engineer or WordPress specialist, I highly recommend Alain. We’ve been working together for well over a year on custom WordPress development projects for a suite of complex websites I oversee. From very early on, it was clear that Alain is an authority in his field and truly passionate about his work. He cares deeply about software architecture and code quality, and he adheres strictly to best practices. Plus, he’s always looking ahead and factoring in the bigger picture, making it his mission to write reusable, “future proof” code and to eliminate technical debt whenever possible. Put simply, Alain proactively identifies future challenges, providing straightforward guidance on the most effective ways to address those challenges. And most importantly, he’s a reliable, all-around good guy, and I very much enjoy working with him.”
– Adam Nicholson, Vice President of Marketing

Institut International d’Hypnose Spirituelle

🔗 institut-iihs.com

Multisite installation providing custom event management, practitioner/participants management with financial automation, transactional emails, surveys, …

Type of work done

  • Managing multisite installation.
  • Writing custom modules.

The University of Sydney – Recovery Assessment Scale – Domains and Stages

🔗 ras-ds.net.au

Developed a back-end functionality.


“Extremely professional and always delivers a quality product in a very timely manner. Exceptional service thank you.”
– Rose Cox, Purple Prodigy Pty Ltd

Type of work done

  • Converted a back-end charting generation into SVG format.
  • Exported charts and reports into PDFs.
  • Sent PDF reports via email.

Metroplex Health System – Minisite: “Creating Better Health”

🔗 creatingbetterhealth.com

Developed the back-end to pull in data from two sources and display them appropriately in the front-end.

Type of work done

  • Pulled content service through asynchronous API requests.
  • Pulled in events from mplex.org calendar through a custom Excel import.
  • Designed both data sources to generate custom post types that can easily be reused in the theme.

Ministry Of Justice Luxembourg – CPL

Collaborated with the IT Department of a prison to improve management and administration systems.

Type of work done

  • Planned and executed a SharePoint intranet over several facilities.
  • Architected and built a HR planning and time-tracking system developed in .NET.
  • Developed and managed a salary system for inmates, integrated into the MS Office suite.
  • Collaborated on an integrated inmate management system, including sentences, accounting, and scheduling; all running on JBoss.
  • Planned and developed a system for managing technical maintenance integrated into automated AutoCAD plans.


“Even not working at the IT Department, Alain has a profound IT knowledge. In addition he has a global understanding of the internal procedures which makes him the ideal partner in a project.”
– Jacques Hensen, ICT Manager

Customer reviews

Project rating:

Alain did excellent work that was on-time and on-budget. He even gave me really helpful tips about my own Wordpress development practices, would love to work with him again in the future.

Project rating:

Fantastic to deal with, A+

Project rating:

Project rating:

So far we have done the scope for our directory. In every respect Alain exceeds my expectations. He has carefully explained where we are headed in this important piece of our new site. I am super impressed with his expertise and his ability to communicate the process.