When done correctly, working with freelance developers can give your business a boost. Yet not all freelancers, nor websites through which you can hire them, live up to your business expectations. That’s something Pierre Grönberg had to find a sustainable solution to if he wanted to grow his web agency. And, after what it seemed an endless search, he successfully managed to partner up with someone who’s able to deliver what he was looking for!

The scenario

Helsingborg Design LAB

If you think about it, the world is split in two: those who say they want to start a business but never do, and those who actually walk that street and create one. Pierre Grönberg belongs to the latter.

As an employee with a thorough experience as Lead Developer for many web agencies, Pierre felt he was missing out in the business world. Unlike many in the same position, he successfully founded his company Helsingborg Design LAB, a web development agency headquartered in Sweden.

The very first step into his future entrepreneurial path was taken. Now it comes the hardest part: growing it! He was now facing the question many other entrepreneurs like him had to find their own answer to: how is it possible to grow my business without going bankrupt?

With a smart and fresh mind for business, along with an extensive experience, Pierre knew that freelancers could be his secret weapon. The only thing he had to be sure of was finding the right ones. And that is far from being an easy task!

The problem

With a clear goal set, Pierre started to delve and look into every little corner of the web to find great WordPress freelancers: outsourcing platforms, development groups, online communities. Unfortunately, he had no luck and, most of the times, it all resolved into a huge waste of time and resources without even getting a decent work in return. As Pierre recalls:

I have hired and worked with a lot of freelancers, more than 200 I’d say, through a lot of websites and outsourcing platforms. This is also true for my previous years when I was employed in other companies, not only once I founded Helsingborg Design LAB. The biggest issue with freelance developers is communication and have them truly understand what your client needs are. After all, the client is the one who’s actually paying your bills.

Communication and the quality provided have always been the major things at stake while he was trying to find the right candidates for his agency. As he explains:

Many freelance developers didn’t really understand what we were trying to achieve. Because you don’t know for sure how good these developers are, many times your project just doesn't turn out the way you - and your client - want.

Finding the perfect WordPress developers to work with seemed every day something harder to achieve. Nevertheless, Pierre kept researching with critical business questions he still had to find an answer to:

Will the next freelance developer be a good fit for Helsingborg Design LAB? Will the next outsourcing platform be able to provide developers who could live up to my expectations?

Trial and error isn’t a sustainable option for a business owner, that’s why Pierre had to find a solution before it was too late!

The leap

Being on the lookout for new WordPress development talent led Pierre to engage with the Codeable platform and its WordPress experts. Based on his previous poor experiences, he honestly had little expectations on the results this time. So little that he had already planned to pivot his recently-founded agency. As Pierre shared with us:

Since outsourcing has been a really bad experience for me, I didn't have any high expectations with Codeable. I’ve worked with over 200 different developers of all kinds so, yeah, I wasn't really expecting much. I started using Codeable with two really small projects and if I was going to get very poor results again by another WordPress developer and things weren’t turning out as I needed, I would probably just focus on design and not deal with development.

That sounded like the last call, the last try to grow his agency the way he had in mind without compromising on quality, which is something Helsingborg Design LAB is known for:

Quality is the #1 priority for us, everything we create has to be pixel-perfect. And if we design something and ask a developer to turn that “into code”, we expect it to be as the design we provided. When we started using Codeable, our main concern was whether this platform (and its developers) would be able to deliver high-quality code in a fast and stable manner.

The end result

Luckily for Pierre and his agency, those first projects showed him the full potential of Codeable and its WordPress experts. Specifically, he was able to see the real value of a platform driven by quality and high standards:

One agency I was working with had developed their site that wasn't optimal for the client. So I posted a project on Codeable to rebuild the existing site and, right after 10 minutes, I was already discussing my project with a developer, Mykolas Raižys. The way Mykolas briefed the project and the way he provided his answers were very professional and extremely helpful. In less than an hour, I had already received an estimate, and we were able to kick off with the project the very next day. Everything was pretty straightforward and fast.

With renewed faith into freelance developers, Pierre started relying on Codeable experts more frequently because he was now feeling confident about all important aspects being met:

Pierre Grönberg

The quality on Codeable is amazing. Each and every Codeable expert that I have worked with has their own special skills. I must give credit to both Mykolas Raižys and Robert Bokori for the amazing work they've done. They have the full skill set for every project you throw at them, anything from frontend to backend.


The more Pierre took advantage of Codeable, the greater he was able to expand his business and increase his company revenue:

Codeable has helped us increase our company revenue profoundly: if we compare it to last year, Codeable has helped us reach a 50% increased revenue. We’re not only making more money, though, we’re now also able to manage more projects on a monthly basis, with 10 new clients per month compared to maybe 2 we had previously. Thanks to this, we can now focus on bigger clients with more interesting budgets.

What seemed to be one of the highest walls to climb in Pierre’s entrepreneurial path it then turned out to be one of the most effective and lasting business choices he could ever make:

I don't see Codeable as an outsourcing platform, not at all. Instead, I see Codeable more of as a business partner that’s able to provide my company with what we need and, at the same time, works beside us towards a shared goal: deliver quality work to our clients!

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