We are a distributed company that runs a platform of even more widely distributed developers. However, if you ask both the core team members and the experts - what is the one thing they love about Codeable - the answer will be the people and community we have formed. We have asked almost everyone, by the way, and that is the answer. It’s a strange one for a group of people that (almost!) never see each other in person.

We just got back from WordCamp Europe and it puts quite the exclamation mark in that “almost.” We are still a relatively small core team, so 17 of our 19 members flew into Berlin from 9 different countries. On top of that, 100+ of our experts, coming from 30 countries, joined us in our largest meetup yet.

Here is more of the why and how the Codeable family gets together.

Taking the Top WordPress Talent Offline

During the 3-4 days of the WordCamp, we constantly run into and spend quality time with experts, but we don’t stop there. On one of the nights we organize a dinner and intentionally get the whole community together. It’s a special evening, and for many of us, the highlight of our year. It makes working for or on Codeable even more human. We get to meet the human beings behind the names and thumbnail pictures. We spend hours having fun, but also find time to grow professionally. We share drinks and performance numbers (probably a few more of the drinks); we tell jokes and discuss business ideas (definitely a lot more of the jokes). We are what we’ve always been: playful, but serious.

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Collaboration Over Competition

During our WordCamp get togethers, one of the most unique things about Codeable can be seen with the naked eye. While our experts naturally compete on every project that enters the platform, it’s very clear that they do not think of themselves as competitors. On the platform we see experts helping each other out to deliver the highest value possible to clients, in real life we see them hugging and laughing. This is somewhat due to our bidless pricing model, which incentivizes the best project-expert match instead of a bid war. It’s also due to our continuous efforts to run Codeable as a community and as a family. It’s one of the things that sets us apart. It’s a win-win that we see consistently, because collaboration is stronger than lone-wolf competition that defines all other marketplaces we know of.

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