Everybody in the SEO business probably knows that landing pages with faces tend to convert better than those without. At launch, we didn't have one, our landing page was a bit dull, tech-y and most of all, boring. But it was an MVP, so we were happy.

But that happiness didn't last long; We knew that in order to attract more visitors who convert better, we needed a face of our own, so a great idea was born at one of our brainstorming sessions — let's invite our own contractors to submit their pictures and we'll choose the best.

But how to choose when we like each and everyone the same? Enter the Codeable beauty contest! We decided we'll run all submissions through an Optimizely experiment which will yield the best converting contractor - who'll in turn become the Codeable face and best of all, receive an award of $500. Plus, they'll get to say they wish for a world peace and all.

In case you don't know how these experiments go: Each submission (contractor) gets it's own version of a landing page with their image and text that apply only to them. Every new visitor is then presented with a randomly chosen submission with click tracking turned on. After some time, this random distribution starts to form a pattern, from which we can define a winner.
(If you want to know more about it, visit Optimizely)

So there you have it, our beauty contest experiment is now underway, and we'll leave it running for about 14 days, then declare a winner. Stay tuned!