Many of us take our websites for granted – until they stop working. All those pages, media, scripts, plugins, and themes are powered by servers and where you choose to host your website matters. With a poorly managed server, even an expertly-created website can become unresponsive, unstable, or go offline. That's why Codeable is proud to partner with SiteGround, one of the most well-known and trusted hosting providers.

Codeable's mission is to re-shape the world of online WordPress freelancing by creating a healthy working environment where both freelance developers and clients thrive. We built Codeable with two main principles that drive company growth: the quality of work and great customer support experience.

SiteGround is founded on the very same principles of unmatched quality and a dedication to customer support. Their WordPress hosting boosts web performance for all types of sites, from blogs to complex eCommerce shops and their advanced approach to security protects sites from malware and hackers. SiteGround's friendly yet powerful tools and 24/7 support by chat, ticket, and phone make it easy for anybody to build and manage websites.

When we decided to partner with SiteGround, our Codeable experts were very excited because many of them already use and recommend SiteGround to their clients. The ringing endorsement from our crew and a shared vision of a better web are only two reasons we believe this will be a great partnership.

How SiteGround and Codeable are working together

SiteGround is passionate about helping their customers run awesome websites, however, some of the requests they receive fall outside the scope of their hosting services. Now, their support representatives will recommend WordPress customers contact Codeable to get the help they need with their website — be it to increase the quality of the code, or resolve queries to improve the website performance.

Our Codeable experts are well-acquainted with SiteGround's platform, which translates to faster support and a smoother development process when working on projects hosted there.

Additionally, all 200+ SiteGround Support Team members are familiar with when and how to properly recommend Codeable when appropriate. Thanks to this new partnership, when you start engaging with one of our experts for any of your projects, they'll have a more profound understanding and knowledge of what SiteGround is able to provide. They're equipped to help you pick the right web hosting packages based on your specific website setup and requirements.

A win for our customers

To better serve our clients at Codeable, we're always looking for new partners that enhance what we deliver by providing high-quality complementary products and services.

When we find them, like with the team at SiteGround, something just clicks. When both companies share the same values, they can work together to better serve clients and customers. The outcome is quality work and great customer support from two different teams perfectly overlapping with one single vision: happy customers and awesome sites!