I met Codeable co-founders Per and Tomaz for the first time about 5 years ago. The company was still in its early startup years and I vividly remember them passionately telling me about their brave vision: becoming the number one place for outsourced WordPress development. 

Fast forward to a little over a year ago and we accidentally crossed paths again. We started talking about the business and I quickly realized Codeable had already outgrown that vision. They agreed. 

That’s when I joined Codeable — with the goal of bringing the brand and website up to speed. The existing brand identity and website failed to communicate the real Codeable. There was a disconnect between the brand, the spirit of the company and the level of service it delivered. Potential clients were misinterpreting what Codeable was, how it worked and how it was different from others.

Fast forward to today and we’ve got a new brand and website to share with you. Yes, it took a whole year :) Find out why below.

Definitely more than outsourcing WordPress development

We set to address the rebrand by rearticulating our key narrative and positioning. It was a long, challenging process and it almost felt like the business equivalent of a midlife crisis. It took a lot of introspection and asking the hard questions. Why did we start this in the first place? What’s our purpose? Why do partners, experts, and clients choose to work with us and return to Codeable? What’s different now and what has remained the same since we started?

Codeable started with small customization tasks, but today our experts work on projects of any scope and size —  from one-off short-term tasks to complex long-term contract projects. While in the early days we serviced mostly small business owners, today we work with businesses of all shapes and sizes — from solopreneurs to agencies and enterprises with mission-critical websites. 

Apart from our scope of services and customers changing, our articulation of visions and beliefs also had to move beyond outsourcing:

  • Our mission to unlock distributed talent, create equal opportunities, and enable both clients and freelancers to thrive in an environment based on trust.
  • Our belief in building the most vibrant and diverse WordPress service community in the world, where WordPress professionals can develop together, learn from each other and create connections that can last a lifetime with both clients and fellow experts.
  • Our belief that there is a better way for businesses and WordPress professionals to collaborate remotely — a way that values quality, community, trust and care over competing on the lowest price.

Those were always things we fought for and believed in, but we used to describe them with the word “outsourcing.” Now we encourage everyone involved in the platform to “build with heart.”

The new identity: a variable logo mark for flexibility, diversity, and connection

Our new variable mark represents the variable nature of the platform and epitomizes how we connect the right client with the right developer to always deliver a seamless experience for both parties. The shapes in our logo can be different, just like our clients and experts are different, but always come together to build something great.

We take it a step further by extending the shape across patterns, image clipping masks, animations, iconography, and other decoration elements for an ever-present and consistent brand feel.

A people first art direction for people first relationships

We are in the business of connecting humans to do quality work together remotely. To showcase the importance of creating authentic human connections, we’ve put photos of humans front and center in our visual language.

A contrasting color palette and bold typography - confident and premium, yet friendly and approachable 

Our primary font can be both dressed-up and editorial or casual and approachable, just like interaction on the platform is both playful and serious. The calming deep blue contrasts well with the light peach to create a colorway that evokes a friendly and reliable feel, which also remains confident and premium.

This is just the beginning

We’ve already started rolling out this new identity on parts of our website, ironically this blog is not rebranded yet :) Over the next few months, you’ll see all the other visuals around Codeable aligning around this new direction: on the rest of the website and our blog, in the app, emails and across offline advertising materials and partner sites.

This new brand embodies so much of what is important to our team —  a devotion to community, trust, and care, a love of diversity, and an obsession with quality. We’re confident and proud of the direction we’re heading in and we can safely say that this is just the beginning. We’re still Codeable, but more clear on what we stand for and with some extra space to grow. We can’t wait to see how the brand evolves as we continue to build with heart and take Codeable to the next level.