announces share buyback and partnership with WooCommerce


Copenhagen, Denmark: On Friday, 1st of July 2016, a leading global outsourcing marketplace for high quality WordPress projects, today announced a share buyback from CAPNOVA and funding from several investors, including Automattic, the company behind and WooCommerce. The company also secured a loan from the Danish Growth Fund.

In addition to the investment, Codeable will partner with WooCommerce, the world’s biggest e-commerce platform for WordPress, to offer site owners opportunities to connect with expert WordPress developers. “We want to give site owners as many opportunities as possible to have great WordPress or WooCommerce sites, and we believe supporting and partnering with code project marketplaces such as Codeable is a step in the right direction,” said Catherine Stewart, Automattic’s VP of Business Development.

In fewer than three years, Codeable has grown to be a leading global outsourcing marketplace for high quality WordPress projects. Codeable CEO Per Esbensen said, “I couldn’t be happier to have an amazing brand like Automattic as our partner. The past couple of months have been a lot of hard and rewarding work and now that it is done, we will again shift our focus to what we’ve always strived for at Codeable: Quality. A lot of poor-quality online outsourcing services over the years have given the industry a bad reputation and we’re doing all we can to return it to its former glory.”

About Codeable ApS:
 Codeable ApS is an online global outsourcing company with headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark. Founded in 2013 by Tomaž Zaman and Per Esbensen, Codeable has disrupted the market for WordPress outsourcing by focusing on quality of work, communication, and customer service.

About Automattic:
 Automattic wants to make the web a better place. Our family includes Jetpack, WooCommerce,, and more. With, you can create beautiful websites and blogs for free and enhance those sites with our premium services. A fully distributed company, Automattic — celebrating ten years in 2015 — has over 478 staff in 45 countries.

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  • Great Job on the Deal @Tomaz! Does this mean that @Liam gets to take a vacation and come to Texas?

    Seriously though, congratulations on the deal again, and here’s a few thoughts on “why”:
    People dealing with WooCommerce sites are mostly / usually / typically using WooCommerce to feed their household ~ some larger WooCommerce sites feed multiple households ~ some WooCommerce sites are so profitable and large that HUNDREDS of families are blessed from the business success.

    Working with people and corporations throughout the years, seeing work done by sh_ty coders, work done by five_r folks, and word done from feelancing sites that **DO NOT SCREEN** their candidates is not only SAD to see, (seemingly) impossible to work with, but more importantly, the impact is much greater than an “inconvenience”. Watch:

    Crappy work done on a site costs the business MONEY! Either in site down time, additional time needed for proficient coders to see what’s been previously done to the site, lost page views from potential clients, lost trust for re-orders from existing clients, and ~ remember ~ on the other end of that website is PEOPLE!!

    People who need a new radiator, a kid that needs braces, a person who needs to buy a new laptop, a family that needs to pay their medical bills, a parent that wants the money to send their kid to a camp, and PEOPLE who actually NEED their site to be 100%!!!

    Site owners hire non-qualified people all the time. But, Tomaz, it’s great to see that when someone Posts A Project with Codeable, they are hiring the best, the smartest, and the brightest handful of select individuals who are screened & tested, and can be trusted to confidently work on their website to keep it running 100%.

    The partnership with WooCommerce simply makes PERFECT sense!

  • Bogdan Dragomir

    Hey guys,

    This is a great news!
    Congrats for everything you have achieved so far. I’m so proud to be part of the family!

  • looopz

    Woohoo! :]

  • Amazing news, guys and girls. Really, really nice.

  • luca8link

    This is really a huge step forward. You guys rock!

  • Parker Tinsley


  • jtillery

    My boys! Good job fellas. Glad to be part of a growing solution. To continuous success!!! Cheers.

  • Awesome news, guys!

  • Malcolm St. Romain

    Hoorah for Codeable! I hope this alliance provide the resources you need to keep the growth pattern you want.

  • Anton

    Congratulations to everyone at Codeable! You deserve it, for all the hard work and commitment to provide a quality service to WordPress clients. It is awesome to be part of this wonderful community. You guys always make me / us feel welcome here.

  • Troy Dean

    Congratulations. Truly well deserved.

  • Marius Vetrici

    Really happy to hear about this strategic step ahead. Congrats and happy to be part of this wonderful journey!

  • Internet Analytics

    Great success story. Well done

  • Suren Shrestha

    Amazing Mates!