If you want a blazing fast website or eCommerce site, you want to focus on several elements, one of which is your server configuration. But hey, wait a minute Matteo... I don't have the time to look for tutorials, how-tos, or documentation to learn how to set one up myself!

Well, we thought about that. And Codeable's Co-Founder Tomaz Zaman and DigitalOcean got you covered for that with an on-demand and free to attend technical webinar. Wow!

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Here's what you need to know.

Free Webinar: Build Your Own Highly Optimized Server

A technical webinar with Codeable's CTO on setting up an incredibly fast and secure server for your client's WordPress websites (or just yours).

When: Pre-recorded, on-demand!

Register today and watch it now, or later.

Bonus: $15 coupon from Digital Ocean

Thanks to DigitalOcean, those attending the webinar will get a $15 coupon to try implementing the advanced techniques covered on the webinar!

Bonus #2: 20% off on WP Rocket

Thanks to WP Rocket, those attending the webinar will also get a 20% off coupon for purchasing a license to their premium caching plugin!

If you don't want to miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime coaching and learning opportunity, go register for free here (limited spots available)!

Register now!

Note: If you don't have time to watch it now, register anyway and we'll send you the recording to watch at a better time.Quality: The Codeable Differene

  • Hi Codeable Team,

    Will you share the content of the webinar? If yes, where? Thanks!

  • Raleigh Leslie

    Hey Jofran!
    If you already registered for the live webinar an email was just sent out with the content for you!

    If you have not registered yet, you can may do so here: https://info.codeable.io/build-your-own-highly-optimized-server

    And the recording, instructions, and coupons will be sent immediately to you!

    Hope that helps! Thank you!

    Raleigh :D