What GDPR Means For Your WordPress And WooCommerce Business – A Starter Guide On What’s Important To Know And Do First

If you’ve been reading blogs and tech websites recently, GDPR is all the rage. This acronym stands for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) announced by the European Union, which is a new law coming into effect in the next months (more below) governing the use and storage of personal information of all EU citizens….

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5 Benefits From Consulting With A WordPress Professional

When we have little or even no idea at all on something, we google it. “How to…” has become our standard prefix to bring up what we hope could be the solution to what we see as our troublesome existence in that moment. What are the usual results we get from that? Hundreds of articles…

How To Fix The Most Common Issues With Images In Your WooCommerce Store

Can you imagine buying a t-shirt from an online store without seeing it?! What if Amazon, for example, had no images at all for its product. Wouldn’t that affect their sales numbers? I strongly believe it would! And I do that because we, as human beings, are visual-thirsty creatures: it’s been proved that a well-curated…