3 Core Areas To Increase Your Agency Margins Without Touching Your Pricing Strategy

One of the biggest challenges agency owners face is scaling their business. Increasing client work intake should mean higher profits, but that’s not always the case. More clients require more resources, either time-based or in-house employees, and that doesn’t even account for the hills and valleys your business experience on a monthly/quarterly basis. That’s where…

Why Do You Need A Staging Site For Your WooCommerce Store?

Any site, especially a WooCommerce store, can have disastrous consequences if the live version is experimented on in terms of adding new features or customizing old ones. A small unsuccessful update, for example, can have a ripple effect on your store and make it go offline in seconds. That’s something you don’t want to happen….

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What Will Gutenberg Mean For My WooCommerce Store?

The Gutenberg WordPress editor is the revamped page builder that has been at the center of many debates ever since the announcement of its release. Experts are arguing about what it holds for the future of WordPress and are still pretty much divided. How it will pan out in realistic applications is yet to be…

3 Action-Driven Tips To Make Your Outsourced Developer Stick To Your Project’s Deadlines (And What To Do If They Quit)

Relationships with developers tend to be quite delicate at times due to a variety of reasons. There are certain situations where issues reach a level after which the result is a breakdown of the work relationship. This is especially true when pressure builds up in deadline-sensitive projects and a communication gap exists on both sides….