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Never turn down a new project & add new revenue streams

Refusing client projects due to lack of in-house capacity or expertise is painful. Thanks to Codeable's 400+ highly vetted developers with the most diverse WordPress expertise, you can quickly fill skill gaps and even expand your product/service lines.

Wow your clients with exceptional quality of work

Working with freelancers shouldn't be a bad-taste-in-your-mouth experience. We have completely reimagined how online freelancer platforms work and ensure that you only work with the best possible experts who are held accountable to strict quality guidelines.

Quickly fill gaps with pre-vetted developers that will deliver even when it's urgent

Surge in production work? A team member on vacation? Urgent fix on a client site? Large long-term project that requires extra capacity? With Codeable you can hire experts for as long or as short as you need.

We do the work, you please your clients

The top WordPress talent only

All developers have passed a rigorous vetting process.

Strict quality guidelines

Experts only apply on projects they can complete on time.

No bidding, no race to the bottom

You get the most fair price and the best quality of work.

Always-there customer support

We are here to help you every step of the way.

Get matched with your WordPress developer in under one day. It's easy as 1-2-3.



Tell us what you need. We can tackle anything from small fixes to full dev work.



Our matchmaking system will connect you to the right developers to chat with.


Hire & Collaborate

You'll get ONE quote. Hire your preferred developer and start collaborating.

"Working with the Codeable developers has been nothing but a pleasant experience in every way. They are not only talented and skilled WordPress devs, but also what we wanted, needed and expected from a developer working with and for us: a team player, a good communicator and a structured and reliable member of the team!"

Hillevi Røstad, COO

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of projects can Codeable help me with?

Anything from small tasks and fixes (404 errors, plugin not working as expected, slow database optimizations, white screen of death fixes) through server and website maintenance work (website migrations, theme and plugin updates, speed and security optimizations) to full custom development work (custom theme/plugin development, new website design and development).

How is Codeable different from other freelancer platforms?

The short version: quality.
The long version: There are a couple of significant differences between us and other major freelancer platforms. 1) We’re only focusing on WordPress. We believe true craftsmanship lies in tight specialization, so we live and breathe WordPress and so are our WordPress developers. 2) Unlike on other platforms, on Codeable you can hire only pre-vetted global WordPress talent by default -- all of our experts have passed through a strict and rigorous vetting process to ensure you only hire from the best of the best. 3) We do not allow bidding, so instead of receiving tons of different offers from a galore of freelancers, on Codeable you get only one price estimate that is the average of all offers from interested freelancers to work on your project. In this way, we ensure that you get the best quality of work done at the most fair price. 4) We have a dedicated and reliable customer service team that is always at your disposal whenever you have any questions.

How much does it cost?

Each project posted on Codeable gets its own individual fixed price estimate based on the total scope to be completed, complexity, and urgency. Our recommended rates range USD $70 - $120 per hour. You can view some sample projects and cost estimates here.

How do you match me with the right experts for my project?

We have an internal matchmaking system that connects you with the most appropriate developer based on a combination of your project requirements and our expert skill sets and availability. Additionally, we have a strict rule that all our experts can only apply for projects they are 100% confident they can deliver on time and to the highest standard.

How long does it usually take to receive a price estimate?

On average, it takes around 22-24 hours for a project to be fully scoped by interested experts and estimated properly.

Why do I only see one price when there are multiple experts applying to my project?

The single price estimate is what truly sets us apart from all other freelancer marketplaces. Multiple offers essentially is called bidding. Bidding results in a race to the bottom on pricing that ultimately results in low quality work. We focus on quality first and this method of providing a single price estimate that is the average of all offers from interested freelancers to work on your project ensures that you get the best quality of work done at the most fair price.

How do you pre-vet your experts?

We've designed a 6-step selection and continuous quality control process to ensure you only get the best work by the top WordPress developers.

The selection process starts with a comprehensive online application where candidates have to submit their resume and portfolio and answer a number of questions. Then, candidates solve a coding challenge to test their technical skills. The project is then assessed by both Codeable team developers and our experts. Next, we invite the remaining applicants to a live Skype interview with one of our in-house senior developers and one of our Happiness Heroes. Both of them have to say Yes in order for the applicant to move on. Once they pass the Codeable team interview, they go to a final interview with our visionary CEO. He's highly sensitive to mediocre work, so that's our last pre-screen for impeccable work ethic and commitment to quality.

Once they've been onboarded personally by our CEO, experts are put on a trial period at the end of which we carefully review their initial performance. Once past the trial period, all experts are being monitored if they maintain the high-quality standards we have. If an expert is not delivering on our quality promise, they get deactivated from the platform.

What's your refund policy?

We have a money-back policy which guarantees that if any developer you hire doesn’t deliver to what was mutually agreed upon in the scope of work of the project, you will receive either a partial or full refund, depending on the amount of work that has been done. The amount of the refund is agreed upon either between you and the developer or by our team through a dispute resolution process, in case you can’t come to an agreement with the developer.

A couple of notes:

  • Regardless of whether a partial or full refund is due, Codeable fees are always non-refundable.
  • We do not put a time-frame within which you can request a refund due to non-delivery of work, as long as the project has not been marked as complete. If you do mark the project as complete, that's basically equal to you saying "Yes, the work delivered is according to the scope and I'm absolutely happy", so we won't be able to issue a refund beyond that point.

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