You are in good company!

What can you expect as a Codeable partner?

We take support off your shoulders

We take support off your shoulders

Let us handle the hard part about customer support, so that you can focus on what you do best - developing great themes and plugins or handling client relationships.

Build your credibility

Increase your income

For every new customer you send to Codeable, you’ll earn a commission. We’re open to different forms of business collaboration, just ask us

We actually convert your leads

Nothing is worse than sending your traffic to an affiliate partner who isn’t very good at converting leads into customers. Here at Codeable we’ll give you detailed performance metrics and work with you to find the best way for you to promote us!

Give more than expected

Build trust and loyalty

You deliver a great product to your customers. We keep them happy with the best-in-class support service. As we all know, happy customers become loyal customers. 

Our Manifesto

Amazing WP consultants

We only work with the best

A team of handpicked WordPress experts at your service. All of them were interviewed and have passed a 4 week trial period – if we’re not suitably impressed by their skills, they don’t join the team. As simple as that.

It's all about you

You are not a number

On Codeable, our experts will find you based on their skills and your project, not the other way around. Once your project is properly defined, our expert will estimate and we will get it done to your satisfaction.

Being real

We are open about who we are

Building a relationship based on trust is important to us. And letting you know who we are is the first stepping stone. There are  no icons or nicknames -  everyone goes by their real name and is happy to put their pretty face on display.

Pure professionalism

Pure professionalism

Experts only apply for tasks they know they can complete in time. You can be certain that those who offer help are a 100% fit for your project. You receive a notification every time someone applies.You choose the professional you see fit.

No bidding

We don't do bidding

Never ever! No matter the variety of proposed estimates, you get one (1) price. That price is more than an average. It excludes extreme prices and makes sure you get the best, most representative quote.

Transparent Cost policy

Transparent cost policy

Estimates are based on the complexity and the time it takes to complete the project. For your orientation: our hourly rate ranges between $70-$120, and a 17.5% Codeable fee is added to the final amount. As soon as you desposit the funds into our escrow account, we start coding!

We are agile

We are always here for you

If the scope of a project increases while work is underway, you may ask your expert to create an additional sub-task. Your current expert will be happy to support you with further tasks you may have.

Project insight is easy

Project insight is easy

Keep an eye on your project in the Codeable Workroom. Here you can chat with your experts, share credentials and files. Updates about your project will be emailed to you whenever you are not logged in. Sit back and enjoy the ride!

Approaching disputes in a positive manner

We guarantee your satisfaction

If you are not satisfied, you are covered by our money-back guarantee. If you'd like the help of the Codeable team, we are always just one ping away and will help you get your project back on track.

Zero tolerance for poaching

Zero tolerance for poaching

Some clients have tried to lure our contractors away to work outside of Codeable to avoid paying our fee. This is forbidden by our terms of service, and also strips you and the contractor of any protection if anything goes wrong. So don’t do it. We will find out!

Become a Codeable Partner

  • Your data will only be used in relation to your enquiry to become a Codeable partner
  • Your data will not be commercially shared with, or used by, any third parties
  • Your data will be managed in Hubspot, the tool we use to manage partner data
  • This partner program is brought to you by Codeable ApS, a company registered in Denmark

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