This post is actually long overdue - we agreed with Per it should be written right after the new year. But something held me back and at first I didn't know what or why. It's only after Per said "be yourself" that made me think and ultimately realise what the problem is.

It's the fact that as our company is growing I somehow think that our communication strategies should grow with it - and that's wrong. Granted, our team has expanded a bit, but we're still the same kind of people with similar problems, passions and fears. Our core values and attitude didn't change at all!

Nor will they change in 2014. For one reason: you.

Fantastic service! Extremely prompt. Asked for clear & detailed instructions and confirmed those instructions before starting work. Will certainly be happy to use him again. -- Jen Brown

What makes Codeable so successful in our eyes are reviews that our customers put in when their projects get done. And we have more than 1800 of these, which makes us really proud and is not only the best motivation but also a confirmation we're doing something right.

The year 2013 was actually our first year in business (we launched the 7th of January 2013) -- and what an amazing year it was! Here's a short overview of what happened on Codeable throughout 2013:

  • Raised almost $500k in two rounds
  • 4100 projects posted by 3900 customers
  • $191 average project price
  • 71 active contractors (+35 on the waiting list)
  • $330k in revenue (half of which just in last quarter)
  • Started with conversion of our minimum viable product to real business, which is an ongoing process
  • Attended the biggest EU WordCamp in Leiden, Netherlands
  • Partnered with some of the biggest WP companies
  • Spoke at a couple of WP meetups
    We're also proud of the fact that more than 99% of all completed projects get scored at 5/5 and estimates are usually made within minutes!

As you see, there's a lot going on at Codeable and we're even picking up the pace in 2014! One thing will never change though. Being ourselves. Taking care of you. Thank you for being a part of our journey!